Where to go for support with Linux Lite

There are currently 5 ways to get support in Linux Lite.

Help & Support Manual

There is a Help Manual built into Linux Lite. Click on Menu, Help Manual for more information.

You can view the Help Manual online by clicking here. The Help Manual is regularly updated with new content. From Linux Lite 1.0.6 onwards you can click on Menu, Install Updates to get a fresh copy of the Manual at any time. The Help Manual has been written for the current version of Linux Lite, but most parts are still relevant to previous versions.

Hardware Database

Wondering if your laptop or desktop will work on Linux Lite?

Check out our Hardware Database here to see if your model is already listed. Don't forget you can also run Linux Lite live before you install it to see if your hardware is supported. You can also help by reporting bugs here.


Forums are a great resource for information. Begin by searching for your problem here.
If no results turn up, by all means please post a new thread in the correct section clearly describing your situation.

Click here to use the Forums, you'll need to register before you can post.

Voice Chat with Mumble

Would you like to speak to someone in person? Mumble is a voice chat program. Firstly, you'll need a microphone and speakers (preferably a headset).

If you already have a linux operating system installed, your package manager should have Mumble in its repositories.

If you are on Windows or Mac, head over to here for details on how to download and install Mumble. We look forward to chatting with you.


Here are the Mumble server details:


Label: Linux Distro Community

Address: mumble.linuxdistrocommunity.com

Port: 3259

Username: yournamehere

IRC - Internet Chat Relay

IRC is an online chat room where people get together and hang out and discuss common interests. Its also a great way to get your question answered by multiple people, live. There are IRC chat programs for all operating systems. For Linux your operating system will already have a number of IRC programs available via your package manager, XChat is a popular choice, for the more advanced user there are programs like Weechat, a terminal based IRC client. If you are using Windows you can use XChat there too, here is a link to the software - XChat. Similarly for Mac there will be IRC clients available like Colloquy.


You can connect through your browser by clicking here - WebChat Linux Lite IRC Channel.


The address for the IRC server and channel is:

Server: irc.freenode.net/8001

Channel: #linuxlite