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Arun Prasad

A very big thank you and congratulations for the Linux Lite latest version. I am absolutely new to Linux and it was a cake walk for me and just took only 15 min to install and run in my Dell system. It flawlessly detected the hardware's and I was able to configure the Mobile broadband in minutes. Thank you for this excellent version.

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Tony L

Love's me some Linux Lite.

I've been a bit of a distro hopper. I started with Ubuntu and Fedora and ARCH. All were very nice but I really love Linux Lite. If I were a new Linux user I'd be drawn to LL for its easy to understand interface and speed. Features are easy to install and being based on Ubuntu is very helpful. Windows users considering a Linux version should consider LL.

Thanks, team!

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dominique kilman

Need to replace your WinXP OS? try @LinuxLite - my new fav linux distro.


Paul Camphuijzen

Love this OS, it's lite indeed but complete and charming! What a wonderful replacement for Windows XP with its ending support.



I've been using Linux Lite for a very short time and I just want to shout how much I am loving Lite 1.0.8 more and more by the day!! I installed 1.0.8 about 2 weeks ago thinking I was going to skip back and forth to XP for familiarity reasons, but I am telling you I have NO DESIRE to fart around windows anymore! Linux demands more out the user. Linux doesn't insult the user's intelligence like Windohs! I am definitely going to explore other Linux distros in due time, full time. But for now, Lite 1.0.8 is a satisfying introduction to the Linux world. Fairly simple to understand and perfect to immerse in. And yes it's all FREE!


John Dean

Thanks for all the work and time on LL. I have over the last year moved my father, brother, and brother-in-law over from Windows XP and Vista. They are using it with no issues and surprisingly not one support call. It's given new life to their machines and they have discovered how freeing it is to do things such as customize the DE to their liking.

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I dusted off my wife's old tired stock Dell Inspiron 1200 lap top (Windows XP OS still installed on a 30 GB hard drive [30 GB HD? Wadda concept] LOL) and installed Linux Lite It is a fast, easy to use and install version that has a UI like Windows so there is almost no learning curve required. It saw and connected to my wireless network without me doing anything except saying yes that is my network typing in the PW and allowing it to connect and BAM I was on line.

If you are a Windows user and have been flirting with the Linux option this might be the distro for you.


Brian Kanto

I have used dozens of Distros, this one rocks. On top of that, you have some of the most stand up people you will find anywhere behind this. My daughter has this and I catch my son using hers. He has Xubuntu, but refuses to leave it. He goes to Linux Lite, when he has any trouble with a program.


Benjamim Janeiro

Lite and fast, but complete !!! Very good work !!!

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I've always thought Linux Lite was the best balance of user friendliness and customization. It's fast and customizable with XFCE, so it really feels like a linux distro that belongs to you, but with its Ubuntu base it's still really easy to use. Definitely my favorite Ubuntu based distribution.


Doug Ward

I've use .deb since 1996. No Windoze. A brief spat with 95 then 98. What a joke.
This Lite is the most stable Linux I've used since the early days of Xandros. Bravo! Keep up the good work.

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Sheldon Cwinn

Thank-you!!! I own a software development company and I am a Microsoft partner. I absolutely, positively love Linux Lite. I have changed many of my personal machines to Linux Lite and will probably only use Windows when I absolutely need to. Your distro is simple, friendly, unobtrusive and in short the perfect OS for the average person. Thanks again for a wonderful distro. You rock!

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Tejender Prasad

My personal opinion about Linux lite is reliable both in standby computing, data base , and using the test benches, well to say frankly its better than XP .... Love this distro ...


Carl Pruitt

Can't commend @LinuxLite enough for the great documentation! Makes it easy to recommend to people new to Linux.


Bill Nance, Assoc. Dean, McAfee School of Business, Union University
Dear Linux Lite Team:

I thought you might be interested to know that we are using Linux Lite to rehab donated systems that will be provided free of charge to students (both college and high school) in our area who can't afford to buy their own equipment. We selected Linux Lite for a number of reasons, but the main factors were:

1. Linux Lite runs well on older systems.
2. Linux Lite provides great user documentation available right from the desktop - critical for new Linux users.
3. Linux Lite is built for long-term support.
4. Linux Lite is easy to use, even for new users.
5. Linux Lite provides access to the Ubuntu repos - with a wealth of free/open source software available.

Most of the donated systems are at least 5 years old, with a few even older. We have successfully installed on 3 P4 machines with 1G of RAM (one with 512MB!) and the systems all run well.

I'm linking to four photos of some of our students working on a group of 8 desktops. We finished all 8 during this session, 8 others in a previous session, and have also installed on 3 laptops. We have a few more donated systems upon which we will install Linux Lite in the next few days.

All 19 completed systems are now in use by the students we selected.
Thanks for providing such a robust, easy to use, easy to install system.

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Stone Forest

Linux Lite is perfect for my Acer Aspire One ZG5. Brilliant as Ubuntu Precise is, it was a bit too slow, even with maximum 1.5GiB RAM & clocked up to 1.6GHz with cpufreqd. I haven't even clocked up Linux Lite, yet. I forgot just how fast XFCE/Thunar is: 1Gib/min data transfer on this machine, copying/backing up to an external USB drive; 6x faster than standard Ubuntu/Nautilus on the same.

I've also installed to an EeePC 701 4G:
from a live USB: open terminal (CTRL+ALT+T):
enter: 'sudo leafpad /usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/'
go to line 796 and change the 'fudge factor' from 2 to 1.4, save it, and it shall install, leaving more than 500MiB space free. Not clocked up to 900MHz, it's still super fast.

Linux Lite is both better and faster than my own LXDE/OpenBox/PCMANFM-based custom-build. I can still add Unity and/or OpenBox if I want, and I'm already working on an even lighter (fewer default applications) version to remaster(sys) on another EeePC 701 4G, for small SDD machines, if you're interested.

I raise my glass to you!!!

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Mr Plod

I looked at Linux 10 years ago and it just wasn't ready for me then ::) Because I couldn't get everything to work right without a struggle it was easier to stick with Windows...
Having become increasingly fed up with my Lappy running hot, slow & crashing I decided that because my machine was only 3 years old I would have a look at something more resource friendly.
Having got on well with some other Open Source software - OpenOffice, Firefox & Thunderbird to name a few - I decided to revisit Linux and I'm so pleased that I discovered Linux Lite. Is is just what I was looking for and for me it worked right out of the box.
My initial plan was to do Dual Boot. But, after a few days of trialling LL I new that I would never use an MS product again. I've read a few times that you are targeting Windows users. Well, if thats the case, then you have got this one!

Thanks guys!

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Joshua Schneider

I love everything about Linux Lite, the applications, the design, performance. It's almost like it was made specifically for me in every way. Thank you so much.

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Dates By DaVall Online

Thank you for your great work on Linux Lite. I use it to refurbish donated pc's and distribute them to needy local students. It is perfect for our needs. A really great Distro!

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Antal Ispanovity

As time passes Ubuntu and derivative distributions become more and more demanding on the resources, so first I thought that this one is not as lite as it claims to be. I tried it on my netbook (32bit, single core Atom CPU, 1 GB RAM) and the live version performed outstanding. I imagine that a native installation is somewhat slower, but if that's half as fast as the live version that it's still a decent performance.

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Tom D

I have used or tried several Linux versions: Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Mageia, Lubuntu and Kubuntu, and others. I find Linux Lite to be the easiest to use, the most responsive and most practical operating system by far. Thank you Linux Lite. Great work.

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James Rolfe

@LinuxLite has turned this terrible, #esystem Vista machine into a usable, modern laptop. The #multitouch even works smoother than Windows!



I really love Linux Lite :)
I used it a long time now (since 1.x.x). Linux lite is really ressource friendly and runs quite fast. The update script runs beautifully and fast. I enjoy this distro very much, since XFCE is extremely adaptable.


M Magoo

After updating Ubuntu 12.04 LTS my daughter's Sony VAIO FEE Centrino started acting weird. I installed the ver 1.0.8 of Linux Lite. WOW what a wonder. The ease for the installation, the settings, the drivers recongnition it is fantastic!!! My daughter sends you her thanks. That computer is all her life she is using it for her college work.


Maxim Adrian

Linuxlite - Best OS ever

Fast and simple installing, compatible drivers with a lot of systems, contains only necessary preinstalled programs, lite, runs very fast , works great even on an older PC, and it looks wonderfull! Tested on 3 computers! I recommend everyone this great operating system! R.I.P. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9, 10...


Donald Hill

2 years ago an MS XP update killed the boot. Reinstall? No support for SP 3, notebook was trashed. Thanks MS!
Ubuntu: the software ran really poorly on 1.6GHZ. Many drivers were missing... no internet.
Tried Lubuntu. It ran faster but colors were stuck with shades of blue and white. We used an external wifi and could go online. But after two years there were updates that balked and made the machine again un-usable.
Tried Amiga Acer-OS. It was too technical for my wife and frankly while it showed wifi connection it didn't connect. It had very poorly designed user interface.
Just installed Linux Lite: The Acer Inspire One runs like new, and all its hardware works including the Wifi detector.
And Linux Lite is really pretty. The colors on the screen are better than when using the XP that came with it.
Nice job Linux Lite :D
It is the best OS for Acer Notebooks. Dump MS before they try to force win8 on you. The older Acers cannot run it but MS doesn't care.

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Okka Ylönen

I think I just found the best linux os in the world.


Lewis Harper

I put Linux Lite in my mothers old Dell Optiplex, she finds it easy enough.


Claudia Chuba

Lovely LinuxLite

I have 4 linux children + Windows on my older PC and Linux Lite is one I won't do without. Fast, easy to work with, stable and light. I only added Remastersys to the menu to create mirror backups. Love my 1.06 version because it's LTS and hope you'll keep an LTS version going forward. Thank you for all the hard work and all the best in year 2014. I'll be sending on my first donation.

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Lee Gold

Linux Lite, my Favorite Distro

This distro has the right combination of lightness and features. I find it very functional and simple to use. I hope the same thing will continue with future distro upgrades of it.

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Claudia Chuba

Love Linux Lite. Think it's one of the very best out there for the average user who doesn't want to spend all their time fixing problems. I use it on two desktops with Windows dual. Would add it to my laptop only it doesn't support PAE. Only had to manually add Remastersys for creating mirror backups. Very solid and works fast. I'm staying with 1.06 until the next Ubuntu 14.04 LTS arrival to see if Lite makes use of it for an upgrade. Leave it to the Kiwis to do it right!

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I first came across Linux Lite through a positive review on Youtube. So, I decided to give it a go. The real test was when my son had an issue playing Minecraft on his Thinkpad T60 running Windows 7. The whole laptop would freeze after only a few minutes in playing the game. I installed Linux Lite on the laptop, deleting the Windows operating system. After tweaking around, and sorting an issue with the package manager, it was time to download and install Minecraft. I had Minecraft up and running, and my son has not an issue in playing the game. Personally, I am using Linux Mint 13 Maya on my laptop. I am only using Windows because of one program that WINE cannot emulate. The menu structure is well thought out for those who are new to Linux. I had no issues in connecting to the Internet, and it detected my 3 in 1 printer, printed out a test page, and scanned the printed page. Thumbs up on this distro!

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Installed new Kernel - Lite is top!

Hallo Lite-Users. I'm a German user. Today I installed Kernel 3.11.0-14-generic. Lite 1.0.6 is running. Work now any weeks with Lite and a modern Office-Suite. free download since 2013/12/24.
Thanks for the work.

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Doug Shearer

Whilst lots of distros CLAIM to revitalise older (single core?) hardware i found that Linux Lite actually does run very speedily on an old PC I had almost given up on. With the install of Gigolo, I could also easily access my NAS drive and all of it's files. The version of Libre Office included is recent and means an almost seamless usage of documents and spreadsheets. As Firefox is included (and after allowing Port 6000 to be used for the NAS admin) I can also use sound and video sites like You Tube and
All in all a quick and excellent install which works well. Well Done!

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Thanks for the Linuxlite OS. Its a true masterpiece.
I am an average computer user and I think that Linuxlite is a great starter base for people to start to explore Linux. It is so easy to use.

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Fishman Loves Linux

Linux Lite 1.0.6 is an Ubuntu-based Distro that is focused on reducing the usage of system resources and easy on the hardware. I discovered this Distro after watching a series on Youtube called, "Spatry's: Cup Of Linux" in which he reviews various Distros and other software application programs. My Dad's old Dell was running hot and freezing with Windows 7 Pro so, I had to do something fast as we are both disabled. No other Distro would work with his particular hardware configuration. I did the research and thought why not give it a try as I have been trusting Spatry for a long time now. In order to make a long story short, I installed Linux Lite 1.0.6 64-bit version and viola! My Dad's old Dell perked like it was on steroids! I mean it is running smoother and fast than it ever has before include from the factory. I then installed it on my old laptop (I found it in the dumpster one day taking out the trash) and it is running smoother,faster and cooler than ever. My girlfriend's laptop was having similar issues so she asked me to do the same with her laptop and now her's is running better than before. I switched my custom desktop PC over and now it is optimized without the hardware issues of overheating and the such.
So,in conclusion I must say that Linux Lite is so far the best Distro that I have ran across since Ubuntu 10.10 when I first started with experimenting with Linux. I highly recommend this Distro to anyone!
My Fishy Analysis is 10 out of 10 Fishies!


T. Bass

Ive been using Linux Lite for over a year now, and have had no problems whatsoever. Its installed on an old Averatec, AMD single core laptop, with only 2GB RAM, but it performs all tasks handily.
I really appreciate the clean simplicity of Xfce as well. This New Zealand based distro is keeping my old laptop alive and working well. I tried several other distros on the machine, but it didnt have enough power to smoothly run them.
Im sure when XP expires, many will be looking to replace it with a secure, low-resource usage, easy to use distro, and Linux Lite would certainly certainly fill the bill.


Eddie G

Ive used Linux Lite for about 8 months nowand have no real complaints, my only nit-pcik is.when you have say..Thunderbird open on one desktop interface, (since I am a tech-junkie, I usually open Firefox on another desktophave my VLC media playing my tunes on another desktops..and finally have Pidgin on the last desktop using all 4 of them daily!) but when I click on a link in TB it opens in Firefox just fine.but the Firefox will snap to the same desktop that TB is inand it becomes a cumbersome task to have to constantly put the FF icon BACK in the second desktop!especially if you have a LOT of emails with hyperlinks that you have to check for work..other than that though I think L.L. is setup perfectly, its overall layout is simple enough to get new Linux users up & running with minimal fuss, and if they continue on with the XFCE desktop environment, they could become as big as openSUsE and Ubuntu as a viable alternative OS for machines that are still running Windows Vista/XP, they could even become a standard in the corporate world if they get enough backing and support! Good Job all around!!


Scott Jones

Recently installed Linux Lite on my HP Compaq NC6320 laptop and its the distro hopper stopper wonderful, I have had Mint, Pclinuxos and Xubuntu on it but Linux Lite seems to work the best I just love it. Stopped using Microsoft at home 4 years ago and have never looked back many congrats to the Linux Distro Community for some fantastic work.



Having tried almost every imagineable distro I'm running Linux Lite right now and I must admit : this is the best distro for the moment for me. This is the distro I should recommend to everyone coming from another OS. It's fast, light and good looking. What do we want more :)



I'm a returnee to Linux having been a Slackware fan for some years more than a decade ago. It was with great reluctance that I had to return to Microsoft when I became a mobile wifi user. The only wifi dongles I can get come with Microsoft drivers and no Linux alternatives so now I'm running Linux as my main OS but in a VPM box. And of the more than two dozen Linux varieties I tried, LinuxLite is the only one where everything has worked straight off the net - it sees my Windows ISP and Belkin dongles, accepts an English language/French keyboard combination and doesn't reset my passwords seemingly on a whim. All the software works and updates and additions install with no problem. On my 64 bit Toshiba laptop, even as a VP machine ,it's fast - far faster than expected. Criticisms? I haven't found any of importance yet and the tiiny niggles are more down to my personal preferences than faults with an operating system I can see me sticking with for many years to come. How nice it is to be back.



Hello all. Just heard of Linux Lite last night and decided to try it for an older machine I have. To say the least, I was impressed. I have a couple of old P4 machines I have been playing with linux on and Linux Lite is what I have been looking for! This is the first distro I have found that looks decent, is actually responsive on a 1.7G P4 with 1Gb Ram, and has a nice interface. Configuration is pretty intuitive as well compared to most distros I have tried.

Although I have been playing with linux for a couple of years, I am a newbie. It just took 1 evening of Linux Lite to make me decide to wipe my server of and go with Linux Lite. Why all distros have to be super rustic and bare or overly bloated I do not know, but it took the Kiwi's to get it right! (No offense intended). This distro is based on what I always thought Linux was trying to accomplish - clean, fast, easy to use, and low on resources. Most mainstream distros I have tried far surpass Windows in bloat, resource requirements, and hardware requirements. Of the 30 or so flavors I have tried over the past year, this is so far my favorite by far! It runs as fast on my 1.7G P4 with 1Gb of ram as Windows 7 has on my dual core 2.2 machine with 4gb of ram.


Arvin Domingo
I love this distro so much! I have it installed on my Acer Aspire One D255E (2gb ram & 1TB HDD).. with compiz and emerald installed running smooth and uses less cpu and ram than any other ubuntu based xfce distros I have tested!


Shane Fisher
My Dad's old Dell Dimension 2400 was not taking to some of the other Distro's due to antiquated hardware issues so, I installed Linux Lite and he loves it. His machine runs 100 times faster and cooler than Win 7 plus for his small needs it fills the bill.


Todd Cormier

I just installed Linux Lite 32 bit in my house on 2 old laptops, 1 old PC (minecraft ready for the kids) and dual booted my Alienware Aurora with the 64 bit version and it's amazing! I've been trying differnet distros since 2003 and this is by far my favourite one. If I wasn't such a Flight Sim and Battlefield junkie, Windows would never see the light of day on my gamer PC again.


Steve Jeremiah

Have a pc that I built about 13 years ago. Slowest thing on earth when it comes to windows. Decided to try Lite on it to see if I could breathe some new life into it. Not disappointed at all!! All other distros other than this lagged and it even picked up my wireless without installing any drivers! That's a first for me lol. EXCELLENT WORK GUYS!


Dr. Vinay Kumar

I have been a linux user for many years now. I have had phases of distro-hopping, and have tried over 20 OS's, all told. I have a laptop with 4G RAM, but even with this amount of RAM, several distros were running a little laggy when multiple applications were open. I decided to try Linux Lite yesterday, and must say that there is no lag at all. Things are instantaneous, as they should be. I am very happy with your product, and thought I should write a few words of appreciation. Kudos! -- Vinay

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Only have mobile internet connections so installed LL 1.0.6 on VMP. Now it's my main operating system - although no longer quite so 'Lite' - 28 gigabites and growing. Worked straight out of the box! The ONLY Linux distro out of 25 or so tried to achieve this. Congratulations.

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Tom Ford

I've got 2 old Dell computers from work (SX-260) each with 1 gb ram and a P4 cpu. I installed the 32 bit Linux Lite on them because Windows XP was painfully slow. Linux lite installed great and these old boxes are being used for surfing the web and other day to day computing.
I have been a Linux fan for 20 years and must say I'm so impressed with the new distro I am putting it on one of my home machines today. Another tidbit, everything on these boxes 'just worked' including Samba.
Thanks alot for a great OS keep up the great work.

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Hardware Database Submission

So far best out of box working distro I have tried on this laptop. Great Job!


Kevin D Hanning

Probably the most efficient, light and powerful Gnu Linux distribution out there. I've used it for over a year now, with nearly no issues and the creator/author of the OS is on hand for guidance and/or support. Let's see a Gates or Jobs type do THAT!!!


Joe Pratt

LL took me by surprise. I had heard of it but until a friend pestered me to try it I had never downloaded the ISO. I love how simple and clean LL feels and it's so quick even compared to other distros I've used. I may have a new favorite desktop distro here.



Just a quick comment about the resource utilisation of Linux Lite 1.0.6. As I write this, I have the following applications running concurrently: Cherokee Web Server, Postfix Mail Server, MySQL DB Server, MySQL Workbench, Firefox Web Browser (16 tabs open), Seamonkey Web Browser, Openoffice Writer, Komodo Edit 8. Memory usage....602MB and they don't appear to swapping to disk all the time as I can switch between applications instantly. In my experience, this is extraordinary. I've no idea how you do it, but I'll point out that Linux Lite is also (for me) very stable. I've only had it crash once in a few months and I think that was my fault anyway. I'm running it on both a desktop and an old laptop with equal success. It even looks nice.

You've definately a good job with this distribution.



You guys have done an excellent job with this distro and now it supports some games and others with wine, I have actually installed Linux Lite on my old laptop and it works a treat, I will be keeping this installed as I also managed to install Photoshop CC with wine and a few other must use apps, I have no reason to change back to windows this time.


Ahad Shabbir

Hi Linux Lite Developers! I'm right now using your distribution, and I'm loving it!

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John Horton

Im running Linux lite on amd 1075t 6 core at 3.4 ghz and 16 gigs of ram and this os fly's.



Love this, so fast. A keeper for me.



Been using this since it was released on my old 2006 Dell inspiron. I haven't had the desire to switch.



@LinuxLite Excellent!! Good on ya, mate!!! Such a great distro!

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Tony Lawrence

I've used lots of distros including Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, Debian and others and I really like Linux Lite. Distros like Gentoo and Arch are wonderful but are a bit of a pain to get going. Fedora is solid but goodness tracking down non free packages is a drag.

Linux Lite is fast and easy on system resources. There are other easy to use distros like Zorin and to a degree Elementary OS but LL is my personal choice. It may be aimed at new users but even those with Linux experience may enjoy it. Lubuntu, Puppy, Anti-X and others are wonderful as well but LL has a great look and ease of use.

Solid work LL team!


Simon Roberts

I don't have very much experience with Linux but I have tried a few (Ubuntu with Unity, Xubuntu, Mint 32 and 64 bit, Puppy) and this one is the best I've found. It's fast, has a small overhead and runs Ubuntu packages. I've been using it all day every day for months and it is very stable.

Most reviews I've seen of Linux focus on the appearance and functions of the OS rather than how it functions as a serious work tool. I'm less interested in that than I am in whether it is a workable business alternative to Windows.

This version of Linux has the same foibles as others (different levels of privileges, file permissions, file owners, fighting partition tables on installation) but I don't think that can be avoided until someone comes up with a full Windows replacement.

At the moment I am sticking with this version of Linux. It does everything that I need for business purposes, allows older hardware to be productive, is fast, is stable and of course it's free.

Recommended for small business owners.

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At the moment I think is the best lightweight Xfce distro based on Ubuntu (Debian). On my Intel IBM Thinkcentre (3.2 Ghz processor and 1.5 GiB of RAM ) Linux Lite is a pleasure.


Paul Stevens

Linux Lite support is just the best I had a problem I went on XChat for the first time, asked a question they all rallied round and in no time it was sorted out. Linux Lite is just simply the best it just works and works.


I have been searching for MY perfect linux for a long time, before broadband I bought magazines with distro's, now I download iso's after browsing distrowatch. Been using Linux Lite for a couple of weeks now and have ditched the others, apart from my beloved puppy, tried other Ubuntu variants but LL is built with skill, which shows in its speed and solidity, thanks to Valtam and all the devs.

Thank you folks for the excellent job on Linux Lite!! Keep it up!

I wanted to get back to a stripped down LTS with XFCE or Mate and settled into my various research projects without having to keep wondering when I'd have to reinstall - again.
Tried a few options but kept coming back to Lite.

Thanks to Valtam, and everyone esle who helped create Linux Lite - it's a great distro. I am using the current version 1.0.6 and I really like.

Kurt Franklin
Going to have to say credit were credit is due - This is the fastest Distro I have ever seen - Well Done !

Rob Holley
Being a new Linux user, I've been through the gamut of Linux distributions. I am using an Asus EeePC 1000he and I have to say that the Linux Lite OS is hands down the best OS that I have installed on this netbook!

Thomas Celentano
After watching Spatry's review of Linux Lite I decided to give it a try. First I put it in Vbox and then I installed Linux Lite directly on my Dell XT2 with touch screen and it works great. I love it. It just works!!

Jim Saberton
Had the awesome privilege of Valtam dialling into my Linux Lite to help me with a NAS-share issue today!!
True community help! Thanks Valtam!

Charlie Barkin
Let us give some love to Linux Lite, this is one easy distro to use and understand. For me this distro feels light in my hardware. And I am beginning to like this. So if you want a distribution that is not bloated and easy on your hardware, go with Linux Lite, you won't be disappointed with the performance of your system.

Robert Allen Lowe Jr.
Finally a distro I can say I really like, there a few package that are out of date, but hey if every distro tried to attemped to keep every package totally up to date there would be a new version of most distro every week and it easy enough to update myself.

Jason Ryan Jack
I just wanted to say that this OS is the best I have ever used. My 3 and 1/2 year old computer runs better than when it was new. I am truly impressed with how simple to use Linux Lite is! I am currently using the 32 bit 1.0.6. I will be trying the 64 bit version here shortly. Thank you for all the awesome!

Tony Burgess
I just installed Linux Lite yesterday and was highly impressed. Good job on wifi even running it in live usb/DVD format. It works well right out of the box.
I like your tutorials section. You have lots of good how to and step by step advice.

Rubin Farr
Installed this baby on a DELL PRECISION | M65 and everything worked fine! Awesome job!
Now I don't have to use that sucky WINDOWS OS anymore.

Nazareth Maroto
d'best os ever, very lightweight and complete, I can now play World of Tanks in linux, without lags. and Steam Dota 2. Amazing.

Daniel de Sade
The best distro. Thanks!

Theodore Thorpe
Outstanding OS!

Am using and loving this os I literally just dumped 5 other distros after an hour on Lite.

If anyone is sick of Microsoft windows or Apple Mac, give @LinuxLite a try! It's a straight forward simple fast. FREE OS that just works!!

Pete Jones
@LinuxLite just installed your distro on 2nd hand Dell laptop and its flying. Good work!

I love it! I'm replacing Windows 7 with this. It runs everything I need to get my work done without the Windows bloat. Lots of nice games to play too.

This latest distro is absolutely fantastic!! I can't say enough about how easy it was to install and set things up.

I switched to Linux Lite yesterday. I have been a Ubuntu user since 2005 and finaly I feel home again. This is the best linux distro I have ever used and I have tried all the big ones. How can I say this is the best after one day? The feeling, no buggs, beautiful :-)

I checked out the Linux Lite shop and ordered a USB drive with the 64bit version installed. Good distros like this deserve to be supported.

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