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Ubuntu Based Distro Linux Lite Feedback. If you would like to give some positive feedback about your experience with Ubuntu based distro Linux Lite, send us a message here and we'll add it to this page to share with everyone. If you need Support, Support is managed in our Forums.


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Hello all Linux lovers. Ralphy here, saying hi to the community. Let's see... a little bit of mia culpa... for whatever reasons I had never tried Linux Lite until recently, and I have to admit that I'm not that new to Linux. Not sure what kept me away but I never felt attracted so to speak. I gotta tell you friends, what a beautiful and snappy OS Linux Lite is. Its simplicity and fundamentals is astonishing to me, taking into account that I had never considered it before. In my humble opinion, Linux Lite shines to a brilliant perfection. It is a lightweight and lighting fast operating system that doesn't get in the middle, gets the job done and packages outstanding friendliness for anyone, specially for new users; while featuring a “full-blown-features-rich” desktop at the same time. Great job, seriously! As a way to say thank you for Linux Lite and show appreciation in a more tangible way, I've decided to host a repository mirror to give back to the community. The mirror hosts packages from 6 different servers geographically distributed, in an Anycast network, with IP failover and load balancing. These servers should give most users good response time irrespective their geographic location.

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Clatterford Slim

So many nice Linux Distros out there now. This one blew me away.

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Sudo Reboot

Very nice Distro. Runs great on my aging laptop.

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MerrieMelodies Fan

I'm definitely gonna install Linux Lite when I get my new laptop either next week or Thanksgiving week in the USA.

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Paul Bakker

Most impressed with Linux Lite. I use it on an ancient Samsung NC10 notebook with 1GB RAM that I leave at one of the places where I teach. It does everything I need reliably and effortlessly. Even the numlock irritant seems to have been sorted through Lite Tweaks. Thank you!

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Been using Linux for 6 years. Just installed LinuxLite 3.0 on an ancient Athlon XP 2500+ 1.8GHz desktop, 1GB ram, Broadcom BCM4306 wifi card for which I had to download the b43 driver using a wired connection, and a NVIDIA MX 440 video card which unfortunately is long ago not supported by Linux. Even on such a disadvantaged system, Lite runs amazingly well. I am much impressed with it and will definitely continue to use it to bring some comfortable life to old machines. I've tried other lightweight distros, which were especially light in the user-friendliness area. I'm much more of a user and not so much a tinkerer, though I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty inside a computer (and some of the machines I've opened have been really dirty!) Anyhow, just a shout out of "Hello!" to all the fellow Lite users and a big "Thank You!" to the development team for making such a great and humanly usable distro. I can actually run stuff right the first time and it gives me a huge amount of configurability without having to get too involved in the finer tweaking details.

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Was a life-long user of Windows, from 3.11 to 10. Still have Windows 10 for some software reasons, but then I found Linux Mint. It's my main OS. As of right now, I triple boot - Windows 10, Linux Mint 18, and Linux Lite 3.0 Just recently came across Linux Lite and wanted to test it on my laptop and a couple of old computers I have. Lite runs fast! I may install Lite on my older desktop computers.

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My name is Panagiotis and I'm a computer science student from Greece! Recently I installed Linux Lite on my laptop and I'm really happy with the performance and the stability overall!!

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Been using Linux for 6 years. Just installed Linux Lite 3.0 on an ancient Athlon XP 2500+ 1.8GHz desktop, 1GB ram, Broadcom BCM4306 wifi card for which I had to download the b43 driver using a wired connection, and a NVIDIA MX 440 video card which unfortunately is long ago not supported by Linux. Even on such a disadvantaged system, Linux Lite runs amazingly well. I am much impressed with it and will definitely continue to use it to bring some comfortable life to old machines.

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Pat Turner

I must add that moving from Windows 10 to Linux Lite is just great. Without sounding like some kind of brown nose, I must say what a top system with built in customizations, with the install and removal of software so easy.

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Been using Linux Lite since 2.0. I have had zero problems. Dell 1545 laptop with 4gb ram. Dumped the original Windows 7.

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Larry Miller

I just want to thank you for all you do and let you know yours is the only OS of linux that will boot and install on a Mac Pro Intel desktop machine. I gave up on Mac because of the non support from Apple and I would rather use Linux thanks again.

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Ian Burnside

Hi, I came across Linux Lite while looking for a suitable distro for an 8 year old 32bit Gateway (remember them?) laptop with 1Gb memory. Linux Lite is one of the easiest and most effective distros I have come across and the laptop has a new lease of life after the well known operating system beginning with V and ending in A. So much faster! Thanks!.

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Amazing, great distro!

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My favorite distro.

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Joe Mont

I love your operating system, it makes having a light Linux install tolerable. Your team's done a great job..

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T. Bass

I am a long-time Linux user, and habitual seeker of 'Linux nirvana'. However, I think my search is now over. Your latest release (Linux Lite 3.0), in my opinion, is by far the best distro I have ever used. Your documentation, ease of install, included apps, and trouble-free function, are simply outstanding. Linux 'Greenleaf' has nothing on you. Going forward, I will be using Linux Lite 3.0 for all the Linux installs I do for friends, family, and neighbors. Thanks for the great work.

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To put it briefly, I have been using Linux Lite since it was introduced. Currently, all my systems are running the 3.0 version reviewed. While Linux Lite continues to improve and remain current, the user interface has always been very straightforward and easy to understand. The software applications included are intelligently selected, and there are customized GUI applications for adding things such as the "restricted extra" codecs. I would call myself a medium to advanced Linux user, and Linux Lite does not hinder me in any way. At the same time, I have installed it on computers for people in their 80's who are not particularly computer savvy, and they find their way around it just fine. This distribution is very stable. Finally, Linux Lite is still available in both 32-bit and 64-bit which is great because I have one older 32-bit laptop with relatively limited resources. Linux Lite runs very well on older machines because it is not resource hungry.

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I use Linux Lite on my desktop pc and on my girlfriends laptop as well as on laptops of 3 friends of her, but all are still on the 2.8 version and I am just too lazy to upgrade them, especially to reinstall all the software I installed there. It's still my favorite distro for new to linux people coming from Windows.

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Hi, I am a long-time Windows user and have been really impressed with Linux Lite. I have tried a couple of live DVD's of other distros for short periods of time, and can only blame myself for not making more effort to understand Linux. The problem I had in the past was getting basic programs to work after updating. A week later after a "rolling release" update some key programs no longer worked (Browser for example). Other distros had problems finding my sound or wifi (which I understand because of so many different pieces of hardware) and after a couple of days of trying to compile with a command line a working driver (I think that's correct, its been a while), and the distro giving me really small partitions for some reason and telling me it wasn't happy about that, I gave up. Linux Lite led me by the hand, and installed perfectly. I love the Lite Software installer, because last time it was a Synaptic Package Manager I think which was a bit much for a newbie, and found it quite confusing when all I wanted was a browser, Skype, Audacity, a photo viewer and VLC. Even my friends I showed this distro to said " Hey! even I can understand this" and are now trying Linux Lite. This really bridges the gap for Windows users who want to try Linux, but don't have enough time for the learning curve needed to get started. Congratulations on such a great distro, in my opinion if any version of Linux is going to move users away from Windows, it will be this one.

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Greig Jones

Nice work! I tinker with distros that I run in VirtualBox and your OS ranks up there with the best (especially the ease with installing the extensions). Now maybe I don't need as much hand holding as what you provide, but I would recommend this distro to all! One thing, I could not add apps to panel 1 without them showing up on the right side, I want them on the left side. I made another panel so I could add my favorite programs and positioned it on the left vertical (if there is an answer to that let me know). I also tinker with Ubuntu, Cinnamon, Xfce, Apricity, and lots of others. I just want it to work and Lite does! (My PC is new so to avoid nullifying the warranty, Windows 10 sits very lonely in the background).

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I just want to say thank you. I have tried about a dozen distros over the last three years. Old guy, 62, first tried Ubuntu 12.04 a few years ago. My HDD failed just after I was adapting, dual boot with Windows 7. Kept Windows 7 for the family. About a year and a half ago, I got sick of Windows and began experimenting. I have settled upon Linux Lite. Started with 2.0 and went with the upgrades until 2.8 No problems at all. Now I have installed 3.0, after using the beta for a month. 10 year old laptop, Dell. Holy hell. Fantastic. Thanks again. BTW, Windows will never be on any unit I own.

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James Leonard

Thank you for this distro. It was very easy to install, runs very well on my old Toshiba Satellite laptop. A real blessing since my hardware does not work well for any edition of Windows that still gets any support. I am a linux newbie, but had zero problems installing and using your product. The fact that includes all the software that I use on my old machine was a wonderful addition as well. I shared my hardware information as was suggested in your Help Manual to help other find out if it can be used on their hardware as well. The Help Manual is of great help to newbies like myself. Well done!

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Josh Hiemstra

First off, I absolutely love your distro. I have tried probably 50+ distros with various bases and DE's over the years, and Linux Lite by far is the best I've ever used. It is my main daily driver OS and because of the features, ease of use, and stability I have been able to relegate Windows to a VM and no longer have the headaches of using a Windows host. If I had one wish, it would be to add the PeppermintOS feature of 'ICE'. With all of the web-based applications available, being able to create a pseudo-app link within my system that looks/feels like a regular application but launches to a minimal web-UI window would really be nice. If that's not possible, I understand, it really seems like the only feature I've found on another distribution that I miss on Linux Lite.

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Tried to revive a 7 year old Dell Optiplex 360. (Intel Core2 Duo, 2GB DDR2 800mhz RAM, G31 graphic accelerator). Was originally equipped with Windows Vista. Later on upgraded to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. It ran very slow. So, I tried several Linux Distros. The Unity desktop on Ubuntu did not make it any faster, with Lubuntu it kept on giving errors, and with Linux Mint I had problems with playing videos. I installed Linux Lite. No errors, and this old Dell runs faster than it has ever ran before. LibreOffice starts up fast and playing 1080p 60fps videos with smplayer: smooth and without any errors. Thank you !!

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William Vasquez

I recently installed Linux Lite 2.8 on a Dell Dimension 8200 (over 13 years old). This computer had so many viruses and old software, it was utterly useless. What a surprise when I was not only able to get online and do normal things again like explore websites and send email, but I downloaded things like Minitube; Pithos; and Kodi Media Center and it works flawlessly. Many thanks for making this old clunker find new life again.

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Eddie Barrios

I've been in love with Linux Lite since version 1.4 and have never looked back.

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Linux Lite the best distro, I love it!

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Stefan Ivanov

Multitasking with this distro is great...very stable and fluent.

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Leslie Sirma1

I'm also a Windows convert. After trying out over 20 Linux distros, I decided to stay with Lite. Not because of having an old machine, but because it's fast, stable and well put together.

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Mark Tomlinson

I have the latest and greatest hardware, DDR4 memory, i7 cpu, Samsung SSD, etc. Why would I want to slow all that down with Windows? I love Linux Lite. I tried a bunch of distros and I get this really comfortable feeling with Linux Lite. I didnt have to look for anything - everything was there, right where I expected. It's a kind and gentle linux, not just for old hardware either!

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Morris Hinson

Been using Lite for several years. Really comfortable. But then the update to 2.8 created an issue with 32bit machines. Not having much patience I went to Mint. That didn't last long. About 2 weeks. It felt bulky and well, not comfortable. I researched the update issue with the 32bit machines and found your solution. Put Lite back on my machine and I'll tell you.... it's good to be home. Thanks to Jerry and all those who put their time and effort into this awesome distro.

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Barry Faulkner

Using Linux Lite 2.8 on a core i5 Lenovo T420 with 8gb of ram. Wow, I love this OS. Been using Linux for 5 yrs now, this is the one I like best.

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I have used Linux Lite and it is a highly competent Linux distribution where everything works out of the box. Not only is it an excellent alternative for older operating systems such as XP (now unsupported) and Vista, it can also be used to replace the data-harvesting Windows 10.

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Paul Stratford

Came to Linux Lite after using Zorin OS for a couple of years. Installed it on my wife's old laptop for my use when she upgraded. Impressed by the speed of the OS and its ease of use. Put the distro on a nettop which now runs as a plexmedia server. Can see no reason to switch to an alternative.

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Positive experiences with Linux Lite have been dominating my cyber-world. It is polished, stable, and quite robust for being a 'lite' distro. My implementation is not so lite. There is nothing that I know of that gives some other distro the edge. Linux Lite has become my favorite distro in a very short time.

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After trying Linux Lite and poking around it since mid-September, I made it my lone O/S last week. I nuked my dear old Vista, ending almost 20 years of working with Windows. I don't do so much with Linux Lite beside surfing and experimenting with VM's. I honestly thought that it would be a difficult move away from a GUI-centered O/S into a universe of command lines, but this is not what Linux Lite is about. I really feel comfortable using it. And this community seems very friendly and helpful. I am glad I found it!

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Joe Collins - Freedom Penguin Review

Linux Lite is a damn good distro. It’s not just for low-end hardware, either. Anyone who wants more resources devoted to applications can take advantage of its streamlined design.

Linux Lite Review


Joseph Dickson

Pretty solid distro. Lite has a strong following for good reason. Simple, Light, Fast what more do you really need?

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Marcos Melendez-Santiago

One of the best Ubuntu based distros.

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Gerald “LG5” Gonzalez

Been using for over 2 yrs as well and its now my go to Distro.

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Zanaris Falador

I love Linux Lite. I have it installed on a dated Dell laptop for an older couple in my building and they're as happy as can be. Mind you, they surf the web, check email, and organize their photo's. But boy do they love it. Also, it's rock-solid. I haven't had any problems with it whatsoever and I even taught this couple to refresh updates themselves. I highly recommend Linux Lite for older hardware. Never throw out old hardware. It's worth a lot because you can repurpose.

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I installed it on an old desktop, Dual Core with 2Gb of ram and it runs great, rock solid distro.

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I put this on my wife's old E-Machine when she didn't want to go up to Windows 10 and she has never looked back! It does all the stuff she wants and doesn't nag her into getting something she doesn't need or want. I think it's a marvelous distro.

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Stephen Wilson

Been using Linux Lite since 2.4. When the news of all the Windows 10 spying came out I now use Linux Lite exclusively. It's good stuff.

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Weston Elliot

I donated again because I really like how polished Linux Lite has become with version 2.8 and I think you are doing some stellar work. I recently went through and played with the top 40 distributions on using a virtual machine to install and test each one. Linux Lite actually worked better than any of the other distros on my virtual machine, many of the other ones had display issues or operated very slowly despite giving them 4 CPU cores to use (4.00Ghz each) and 8Gb of memory. That and most of the other distros I tested just didn't seem as polished or pulled together as Linux Lite did. You're really doing a great job over there.

I especially like that Linux Lite does not seem to follow the same motto as some other major Linux distros with the whole "we refuse to support any software that isn't open source and free" thing. I love open source software but I also understand that sometimes developers want to make some money off of their hard work. In the Linux Lite software application you have things like Steam, Skype, and others which aren't open source and it is much appreciated, especially when trying to get Windows users over to linux.

Windows 10's privacy issues are becoming more and more prominent and I think you may begin to see an influx of users looking for an alternative soon enough. Especially with Microsoft trying very hard to force Windows 7 and 8.1 users into the newer version.

All in all, Linux Lite seems to be the distribution which combats the major hurdles I see when it comes Windows users switching to Linux and that is what I like most about your distribution.

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John Sunderhaus

I first experienced Linux Lite with the 2.4 version. I fell in love with it (my favorite Linux distribution) because it installed and operated so flawlessly. Kudos for that! I went on to the 2.6 version. Still in love. Woooo hoooo! I love the Xfce Desktop. Now I am on to the 2.8 version. I would not have been in such a hurry to upgrade except that I liked the native firewall addition. To the folks who produced Linux Lite - you all ROCK! (installation write up omitted)

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Dan Snickles

Linux Lite is a very nice distro. I have been a linux user for quite some time and this is hands down the fastest distro I have used. Linux Lite has alot to offer any user. Its package manager is very simplistic and its interface is beautiful. Backgrounds are very nice as well. Everything about Linux Lite catches your eye. Nice job devs, I really like what you have done.

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After the death of good old Windows XP, I was in the market for a new OS for my grandfather of a Dell. It was a 800 mhz with 500 megs of ram. I installed Linux lite 2.4 and was blown away at the speed in which my old friend was able to perform. I have since gotten a new Dell laptop that came with Windows 10. The first thing I did was wipe that hard drive clean and installed Linux Lite 2.6. Its a wonderful OS and easy to switch over from Windows. I would suggest this distro to anyone. Keep up the good work!

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Paul Bucalo

Xfce has been my preferred DE for years and what I offer my Linux clients. One gripe I have had for some time is the tearing when compositing is activated. Yesterday I found a couple of tips sites that illustrated how to install compton. No more tearing. Smoother DE and graphics. I would like to suggest, either as a replacement or an additional feature from the Control Panel, having compton available as well as a GUI for configuration. Thanks. Truly appreciating your hard work and efforts. No other Ubuntu-based distro is working so well on the full range of PCs I work with.

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I'm so happy with the new Linux Lite I am at a loss for words! I have an HP Stream Book with a Broadcom card and have not found any way to get it to work in Linux and really wanted to dump WinDoze 10. After installing and updating and then adding the additional hardware driver for Broadcom , it's working great. Thanks for a fabulous distribution.

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Ricardo Wagemaker

@LinuxLite I have just finished installing Linux Lite on My wifes Laptop and so far so good! :-)

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bobby parnell

@linuxlite my favorite distro. It has breathed new life into several old machines for me.

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Amar Vyas

Giving @linuxlite a try now that it is time to give my 8 yr old Dell Latitude a new life. So far loving it!

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#linuxlite what a new opportunity for a i5 Lenovo ThinkPad T410. It is incredible fast. Thank you @LinuxLite.

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Tom Tarrant

@LinuxLite Very impressive distro, runs well on a Pentium 4!

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Nikos Veis

Thank you. You are making an amazing operating system.

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Have an old Dell - Dimension 3100 (Pentium 4) and have been trying out various distros, Mepis, Antix, PCLinux et al but am very impressed with the ease and efficiency of Linux Lite 2.6, it picked up my wifi adaptor from the live-CD and continued through the install (which quite a few other distros had failed to do). Love the 'Lite Tweaks' too. I even managed to install the Variety-Wallpaper changer with no dramas. I can see this becoming my 'distro-of-choice'. Well done!

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Complete newbie to linux, grew weary of Windows quirks. Tried a few other distros, but came to stay here. Thanks for all the hard work you guys and gals have put into this project it really is a gem for a beginner.

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Longtime Linux user but new here. I tend to be a Debian WM user and it's been a little while since using a DE, certainly didn't think I'd enjoy a system using Xfce but must say, I'm quite impressed with Linux Lite and find it a very responsive, well organized, fast and surprisingly easy to customize distribution. I'd like to thank the dev(s) and all involved for all your hard work!

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I love Linux Lite!

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Morris Hinson

Thank you. Linux Lite is a real pleasure to use.

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Robert Dodds

New from Windows and I am liking what I see with Linux Lite, easy for a new person from Windows to use. Thank you.

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Ian Mitchell

Great distro, easy to use, it's good for veterans and n00bs alike. Easy to customize, and good for gaming.

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Tim Hancock

Have used Linux Lite for about 2 months now. Also want to thank all the people who got it where it is, from whoever wrote the USB loader utility, to the ones who made it search out each device on my old laptops and find automatically the disk-partition controls (used to take forever) and the WIFI and the Bluetooth, it all just loaded and ran beautifully, including Firefox so that there was already a browser. You guys are great!

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daniel kleijnen

This distro is great, with added color for Taskbar, Menu etc it looks even better.

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Justin Cowan

This is an amazing OS. It is very easy to use and runs amazing fast on my old HP Media Center PC. Thanks for making such a good OS!

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Jay Fuzzell

Just installed Linux Lite and am amazed by how well it performs. You are obviously targeting users new to Linux, but this is a great XFCE distro that would work well for anyone. Even though I generally prefer distros based on Debian, I very much like your Ubuntu based distro! Keep up the great work.

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Mark Binner

I just tried Linux Lite, in a virtual machine, for the first time yesterday. My normal desktop setup is Linux Mint 17.2 but I like to try other distros. I have to say that you did an outstanding job with the latest version - I love it. It looks great, responds well and includes lots of clever stuff e.g. Systemback. The Lite Control Centre is superb too. Can you tell I'm impressed?

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I have been using Linux Lite for about 6 months on a P4 dual core PC, two older Dell Inspiron laptops and an Acer Aspire One netbook. I have found that Linux Lite installs nicely and runs rings around other OSes on these machines while being relatively easy for me to maintain. After installing 2.6 with it's wonderful new Lite Control Center, I decided to register and offer my congratulations and sincere thanks to the development team for creating such a great Linux distribution. I have been using Linux for over a decade now and Linux Lite shines as the best distribution for my older hardware and it just gets better and better with each release. Thanks again to Jerry, Misko, Johnathan, Brian, Bill and Adam who have created a great distribution and attracted a growing community and many thanks to all those who patiently answer our questions in these forums. Blessings to you all.

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the sawman

Used with an old Acer Travelmate 4010 laptop. With this laptop a Grub2 boot manager CD is needed in the optical drive to allow Linux Lite to live boot from a usb key. It is necessary to use 'safe mode' and to append 'forcepae' to the boot parameters every time but full functionality appears to have been achieved. The surprising thing is that Linux Lite has proper wifi drivers for my old laptop unlike most modern distros. I love my $10 laptop for simple web surfing!

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Just thought I'd say hi. I'm a new user of Linux Lite, but have been using Linux for many years. Thought I'd give it a try after reading the review on Distrowatch. So far I'm very impressed.

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Well...finally found THE distro I will be using for the foreseeable future. Started out with Ubuntu but it always seemed a lot heavier than what I needed. I had a long love/hate relationship with Puppy and then tried both Lubuntu and Peppermint which were fabulous but again, not quite my cup of tea. Finally, stumbled upon Linux Lite and instantly knew that 'she' was the distro for me. Every aspect of initial setup was flawless. Every startup App. I wanted was there and the ones I didn't, weren't. Even installed a Low Latency Kernel on one of my machines which I use for midi composition. As a Lite DAW, I can highly recommend this approach over the massive Ubuntu Studio, KX Studio or AV Linux pro mutimedia distros. Hats off to the Lite team!!!!

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I have been using Linux Lite since mid or late 2014. It is simply an awesome distro. It is what got me into linux I would recommend it to some one who wants to learn about linux or as a home desktop operating system.

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Tom A

GREAT JOB on a distro that allows the novice user to become familiar with Linux in a very short time. I know of no other distro which has a comprehensive help file written in simple terms and will allow you to setup, tweak and run your system in a flash! As an added bonus, my system is also running very fast!

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Marc Gagnon

Bravo! simply amazing, works fast and I really like your Lite Control Center!

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Geoff Roughton

Just done a load of back to back testing of various linux distros and have to say Linux Lite is by far the best, for me, that I've tried. Its breathed new life to my old quad core and it will be my OS of choice now and the one I'll tell friends about. I cant wait to see what you do next and keep up the great work!!!

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I like Linux Lite OS much. It's fast, simple, easy to learn and it's free. There are similarities with other OSes I've used. Linux Lite comes with great set of useful tools to manage and maintain my system. Everything I tried had worked. There is no need to install BleachBit because I can clean my system using Lite Tweaks. I removed myself some not needed packages using Synaptic but most of the pre-installed software I use daily. Thank you for great OS! :D

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I'm in love with Linux Lite! IMHO the best things are that Linux Lite is easy to use, fast, based on Ubuntu and it's very lite. I have used Xubuntu and little Ubuntu itself earlier but Linux Lite beats them both. You've designed GUI for many important and useful commands/actions. I know how to use terminal but in Linux Lite I don't have to because it's easier with provided GUI tools. Installing popular software is easy and I don't have to open Synaptic or terminal to do it. I can tweak my OS with pre-installed tools. I also like that software installer install latest version of Wine and not the older one.

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Have now downloaded Linux Lite on 6 machines in total, 4 of which belong to my friends. Everyone makes the same comment - fast and reliable. One was blown away just how much his 7 year old Acer Aspire has been rejuvenated. Just upgraded to Linux Lite 2.6 - seamless as per usual. I just hope one day Jerry and all the team have their names up in lights.

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Just upgraded from PClinuxOS to Linux Lite 2.4 for my old and trusted Dell D630 with 4gb ram 500gb hdisk. Its just flying along like nothing before. Fan runs all the time but not fast (its a hot summer as well) I am now really thinking about a SSD hard drive, that seems to be the only thing left to update. Just 8.65 on cpu blowfish benchmark. Well, there is life left in the old dog after all. Thanks good people from Linux Lite. I will donate a fiver (at least).

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Thanks a lot, the best distro. I have tried lots of distros but this is the best. Good job.

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Thank you for the excellent Linux Lite! It is really comfortable and productive. Good luck!

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I love the new Control Center. It is very intuitive and even more logical than Windows Control Center. Much better than Ubuntu's Options menu. All the options are gathered in one app, very well organized and very easy to use.




I really love Linux Lite. I've chosen Linux Lite mainly because of the super easy SAMBA sharing configuration. Thanks to your tools and mainly your Help Manual & already pre-configured 'smb.conf' file, I was able to set up SAMBA sharing easily and fast. When I tested other distros, they didn't have anything in the 'smb.conf' file, only some information which I couldn't understand. Online manual wasn't much of a help either (too complicated). Then also because I wanted something light, and I like XFCE. My laptop came with a Windows Vista on it, which was horrible. It was slow, after quitting games, Windows haven't responded much for a few seconds (It was very laggy). Now when I quit the same games, no system slowdown or anything, Linux Lite works much faster overall, uses much less RAM, which is very helpful with my 2GB of RAM. Linux Lite also comes with some other great tools like Lite Tweaks, Lite Control Center, Lite Software and other, making things easier for Windows users. I recommend reading the great Linux Lite Manual. I hope Linux Lite is getting more and more popular, and I hope you are getting more and more support. You are doing a very great work. One of the best free as in freedom, and free as in price computer projects ever in my opinion.

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Excellent Distro, thanks! I run an old PC (Celeron 1.8Ghz, 1MB Ram) which I use as a HTPC. Previously used Crunchbang (development now discontinued) so looked for alternatives. Needed a balance between support for old hardware and usability. Tried Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint, LXDE but Linux Lite is by far the best for my needs: looks better and works straight out of the box, even supports my old NVIDIA card! As an experienced WIn user, I really like the desktop environment; the fonts & background images, the searchable 'Start Menu' and the way the desktop shows mounted usb drives and allows you to store files and folders too. Great to find a distro that allows me to keep using old hardware. Well done, thanks again!

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I would add one additional word to 'simple fast free'...robust.

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Leonardo Fanucci - Italy

Best Linux ever. I love it.

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Rock Ofaged

I love Lite! I use it on my old laptops. I run it in Vbox on my main machine as my go to OS.

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John Atkinson

BRILLIANT. As a first time Linux Lite user, and absolute amateur, I just successfully and so easily downloaded this. Awesome!!


Farid JB

Linux Lite is the best OS for me. I am browsing sites, playing video on YouTube or another site faster than Windows. I set Linux Lite as a default OS on my laptop.


Stephen Carter

I have been using Linux Lite for around 5 or 6 months now. Had been using Ubuntu before that for around 4 years, alongside XP, but changed to Linux Lite as Ubuntu was getting slow. It is the only operating system on my computer, and I love the fact that there is software available for almost every use, and once you are familiar with the programmes they are easy to use. I keep asking myself, why are people paying for Windows when Linux is available?


Nigel Wilson

For us older generation Linux Lite 2.4 is a god send. Many grandparents now use Linux Lite 2.4 to talk to their grandchildren. Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts both work great on Linux Lite. Can't thank you enough Linux Lite. Unlike Windows it finds the drivers for you for printers, scanners and cameras etc. Thank you so much Linux Lite.

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Matt E

Installed on a 6 year old single thread Celeron Toshiba laptop with 2G of RAM. Now it can play YouTube again. Why Linux Lite isn't in the top 10 on Distrowatch I don't know. Maybe because people to install Linux Lite are not distro hoppers. I'm a bit of a distro hopper myself and must say Linux Lite 2.4 may break my habit. Installed, it simply works, now I'm going to play golf.

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Very good distro for 32bit pc's and notebook's and 64bit as core 2 duo, i3,i5. No more time to think viruses, updating and slow systems. I just install it for all the people asking for help with their pc's. It is a success story every time. It is as fast as my Mac of €2200. Thank you to all the Linux Lite team.

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Tom Murphy

Linux Lite is now my go to Distro, no rubbish or hidden agendas! Will be donating via Bitcoin soon, please keep up the good work.

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It's an awesome OS, I have ever worked with. The installation was very smooth and the OS seamlessly detected all the hardware's in the machine and was up and running in less than 20 seconds after the installation and reboot. Thanks to the Lite Team for their relentless work and delivering such an awesome OS.

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All I can say that Linux Lite is the best so far.

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Jerry (atric)

Just did a 'test run' of 2.4 on live USB... I was totally BLOWN AWAY with all of the great system tools and well, everything that's included in this great package. I'll be keeping this USB drive in my pocket, so I can share this with everyone. Thank you for a fantastic distro!!!

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Ari Torres

Linux Lite 2.4 runs beautiful, some accessories applications like Docky and Slingscold work extremely well. The icons were made perfectly sized. This is a job well done. Congrats.

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Great distro, been using Lubuntu for the last 5 years and was seeing what to replace XP with on my mother-in-law's netbook and came across this. You've squeezed a lot into the ISO, it works beautifully so far.

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Keith Frasier

I've used Linux for many years (Ubuntu and Mint) but I must say your Linux Lite works great out of the box! It brought an old desktop of mine back to life! Thanks for the excellent work.

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Have an old laptop running Windows 7 which (despite attempts to slim down) takes far too long to boot and do stuff. Linux Lite is brilliant in comparison - super quick, easy to use, and everything just works. Needed to keep some Windows Apps and Linux Lite installed with dual boot no problem.

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Aaron L

I just replaced Windows XP completely on my wife's old Inspiron 9300. It's really lightweight and I am loving the Linux Lite flavor. It's got a modern look and has everything she needs for school projects and even has the Steam client!

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Had Windows 7 for years and replaced it with Linux. Spent way too much time fixing problems with updates etc. and paying for antivirus. Tried Ubuntu and Mint 17, they were ok however they had a few quirks here and there with new ones popping up regularly. Linux Lite is perfect for everyday computing and is becoming polished and more popular. It is stable, easy to program and I can add software with little or no quirks that I could not easily straighten out. Let's face it, life dishes out enough problems and aggravation, why not make computing life simple and easy. Once you try it, I am convinced you will embrace Linux Lite as I did and stay with it.

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Hi, I've installed Linux Lite 2.4 to replace Xubuntu and I love it, I feel it is better. Tumbler is fast to load thumbnails, light and easy to configure. Synaptic, gksu, unrar, LibreOffice, hardinfo, a backup tool, VLC preinstalled. You can add apps fast with Lite Software (Kodi, Chromium, Deluge and others). To finish I want to say that I'm a XFCE user, i've tried Linux Mint XFCE (not bad) and Xubuntu (not bad too) but I Linux Lite 2.4 is the awesomest. It is, fast and slik easily configurable. Defaults application are a must and Linux Lite is a good choice for everyone want to try gnu/linux or to find an alternative for XFCE.

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Vikram Rai

I have been using linux systems for a couple of years now(at work as well as at home). Choosing a linux environment at work is easy as all I need is access to the terminal. But when it comes to laptops and even netbooks there are a ton of options out there. I have tried almost all of them, right from arch linux to ubuntu. Some of the light weight ones as well pup, pearl, pear, bodhi, crunch bang, slitaz etc. Some of them were hard to get all my day to day applications to work. Some were just frustrating to configure the wireless radio. Some of them had tons of apps that I don't even care for and had to remove them. Finally after 3 weeks of testing Linux Lite I can say I have found a pretty decent linux distro for my netbook. Its light weight, has sensible working applications that I love to use and worked out the box on both my netbook and my old compaq laptop. Would like to thank the team who made a huge effort to make it simple and uncluttered. The choice of applications in the Lite software package is perfect for everyday users. I would however recommend 2 more for daily users. 1 a DLNA server maybe minidlna(basic dlna not fancy stuff and light weight) 2. download manager (maybe jdownloader). Keep up the good work guys. Would definitely recommend Linux Lite as the choice Linux distro for home users.

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I love trying out NEW Linux Distros and sometimes stick with them for awhile, but I always miss the simplicity and stability of Linux Lite and end up going back to it sooner or later. I like the upgrade on the installation of additional software where you can install as many as you want together. Also, I have tried it on many old and very old computers and laptops and it detected ALL of the hardware every time.



Hello to you, and a big thank you! Thank you for your creativity, your creativity is remarkable, elegant and simple, wow! What a wonderful mind and imagination and or imaginations, it shows so much in this design, and that, you can not get from Windows! Awesome!

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Jack Williams

This is a great OS for an old computer, I am using it now on a computer with 512mb ram and it runs ten times faster than XP that was on it. I had tried the latest Ubuntu and that was too slow.



I've been using Linux Lite for about 6 months and I love it. Everyone should use it.


Dan Grover

I installed Linux Lite on a friends desktop machine that was running Vista...yuk. She had never been exposed to Linux in the past so I thought this would be a good distro for her to get her "feet wet" in Linux. Boy was I correct! She loved it and remarked about how fast her "Norton free" computer was running now and how easy and intuitive Linux Lite is to work with. Her Vista was clogged with all sorts of garbage-spyware, adware, keyloggers, you name it. Linux Lite is, IMHO, the perfect way to expose a Linux noob to the world of computing the way it is meant to be! Many thanks to all the developers of this fine OS!

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I really like the default theme and felt right at home instantly. Have tried a few "light" desktop distros on this old laptop with a single core 1 GHz processor and 1 GB ram and yours is the snappiest. Thank You!

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Andy Grenyer

I have Lite installed on the 32bit netbook I use as my entertainment device and it's as solid as a rock with every function I need. I use Mint on my work laptop but I'm considering going to Linux Lite 64bit on that. Linux Lite is fully featured and as stable as any distro I've used. Keep up the good work.

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Weston Elliott

I plan to make Linux Lite my primary OS on my laptop and secondary OS on my desktop (both will be dual booted with Windows 8.1). Linux Lite recognized all of my hardware flawlessly, it seems fast, stable, and elegant. This is possibly the best implementation of the XFCE desktop environment I have seen. The quality of your work deserves every dollar of my donation. However, it was not just the quality of the OS which convinced me to make my donation. Reading through your forums, I saw something I had not seen with the other distros. I saw a creator who was actively involved in the forums, who was listening directly to the suggestions of the users, and who was making the best attempt I have seen to create an inviting environment to new Linux users and that is something I can really get behind.


I have always loved the idea of Linux, but there has been a common negative attitude among long time Linux users and communities towards newer users / people who have been long time windows users. Their attitude is summed up with "maybe you should just stick with Windows" or "Linux is not for you". Nobody has said this to me, but when I see them saying things like this to other people who are just trying to get in the Linux door, it irks me. In my opinion, this is a big reason as to why Linux still only has a 5% market share in the desktop world. Your community and OS goes against this negative attitude and creates an inviting environment for new users to join in on the Linux fun. I believe in your cause and look forward to future Linux Lite releases.

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I would like to thank the team of developers for such a nice operating system. I have only been using Linux for a couple of years, and have tried more than a few distros. I started with Ubuntu 12.04, but was never satisfied with Unity, so I tried Debian, Slitaz, Zorin and others and found most of them to be very unfriendly to new users, the ones that were more friendly just didn't have the feel I was looking for. I have been using Linux Lite since 2.0 and just recently upgraded to 2.2. One of the things I love about Linux Lite is that it is easy on old hardware. I am currently running it on an old Acer Aspire One AOA150 that i got in 2009 with 1GB ram. Linux Lite works great I have even been able to run VirtualBox on it with XP to run some of my old go to win programs. The team is doing a great job, keep up the good work.


Steve Meckling

It has been a real pleasure being able to work with the creator of the project and get action on items immediately. That has definitely never happened before in my experience. I sincerely appreciate your dedication.

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I work for an ISP who is switching everything over from a Windows mix to a pure linux environment with Linux Lite as the primary workstation OS and Centos for all servers.



I been tinkering with linux since 2003. I'm a power windows user that's always kept my eyes on linux. Reading the changelog and installing the latest distros has always been leisure for me. However I only found a few distros to be usable and still, most do crash (I know it's usually the blame of the hardware drivers but still annoying)

I love Linux Mint, but recently found Linux Lite mentioned in the latest edition of Linux Format. Someone was just flat out praising it how some obscure hardware they had wouldn't work on any distros except Linux Lite. It just caught my attention.

Now, I installed it on 2 older laptops. A Gateway NV59 and a HP Pavilion DV4-2160US 14.1-Inch Laptop. I know if I installed a XFCE based Ubuntu or even Mint it probably work just as well, but something about Linux Lite. Maybe it's your modification of the UI/icon placements/where certain things are, etc. It is just awesome. I'm surprised it's not that popular hence I came on here took the time to register and wanted to just give the people behind the project a big thank you!



Hey there folks really liking your OS it's brought back an old laptop I had to life. Keep up the great work.



 Have been using Linux for about four years, and just discovered Linux Lite. Downloaded, installed and updated.
Using linux Lite on an old Dell desktop and its flying along.
Very impressed with this Distro.



Hi! I believe I am here to stay for a while. I've been using linux for a number of years and was looking for a fast, less bloated distro and came across linux lite along with a number of other distros. Not criticizing the other distros I tried, but I found this to be the best of them. Easy to operate, easy to add my old standby programs and tools via synaptic. Wonderful distro and great forum!



I've recently downloaded Lite on to my little Asus Eee PC and I have to say I've been blown away with its user-friendly features, clearly the best of the lightweight distros. I've tried countless distros but Lite is by far the snappiest. Will alert my friends/relatives to it - most of us are sick of Windows. Well done and all the best for a bright future!



Really enjoying Linux Lite. I have been using it for about a year now and first installed it, because I was looking for an easy system that would work well for an elderly friend. I liked Linux Lite so much that I kept it and I have also installed it on 4 friends computers, and all of them have had a very good experience with it.

I have been a Linux user for more than 10 years, and my first really successful system was Debian. I moved to Linux not long after Windows XP arrived and I found it was too much of a resource hog on my Windows ME vintage computer that I bought in Jan 2001. Thanks to various Linux systems that computer was in regular use until only a couple of months ago, but I have finally pensioned it off because the Power button is now so worn that it is difficult to start! My current computer is about 6 years old and I was using Archlinux as my primary system until falling in love with Linux Lite!

I find Virtual Box an invaluable tool. When helping friends with sick Windows computers I would run Windows XP (my legit paid for copy!) in Virtual Box to help me think of solutions. I run the 64 bit version of Linux Lite, but I also run a 32 bit install of Archlinux in Virtual Box so that I can use a "problem" glaze software programme that needs some 32 bit libraries that Ubuntu don't have any more.

I also use Wine for Il2 Sturmovik 1946 (a wonderful flight sim), and have wine happily running a 32 bit environment for this game. Very clever of wine to be able to do that on a 64 bit system I think!

I am really impressed with the usability of Linux Lite. I like it that Libreoffice, Wine, and Gimp are kept up to date. XFCE is also really nicely presented by this distro. Some wrongly claim that this is simply a rebranded Xubuntu, but Linux Lite works so much better for me, and I like the default selection of applications better too.

Sincere Thanks to all of you who make Linux Lite possible.


Gerald Gonzalez

Hey +linux lite - Your Linux Lite Distro is one of the BEST out there. Light on resources, works on just about ANY computer and gives them new life. I have installed on an Acer One D255E Netbook & Compaq V2000 Notebook with ease.
Have been recommending for all in my tech circles as it works practically "out of the box" from a USB stick or CD. Really respect you and your team. Thank you for putting out a top notch product.


George Maines

Linux Lite 2.0 is awesome.

Your system is great. I've been telling everyone. I plan to donate in the near future, but I felt a need to give you praise for your work via email. My friend's Daughter now can have a computer to do school research on. He couldn't afford a new computer, but I was able to find an inexpensive older computer for him. After installing Linux Lite 2.0, his Daughter is using the old machine for doing homework.

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Eddie G

I love this distro! Very light on resources, yet fully featured enough to be used as a daily everyday OS. This is what Windows WISHES it could be! Keep up the good work reviewing these distros, we Linux users need all the up-to-date info we can get our hands on. I’m going to be using “L.L.” for a long time…(or as long as the developers remain working on it!)


Stephen Green

Linux Lite is cool. And easy to use. Coming from a distro junkie like me, high praise indeed.



I have used Linux Lite 1.06 on an old clunky emachines laptop – works fine. I have now got Linux Lite 2.2 on my work machine (that’s great praise believe me) and also on my old Lenovo netbook. As the article says; no crashes. It is simple, clean and everything I have used and grown to love over the years on my old Gnome 2 boxes works great. And being XFCE based, it means I can set it up my way – which is a real winner for me. 


Steve Mueller

Linux Lite has never let me down. It just works.


David Minford

Linux lite has never given me problems.
Can't believe it's not more popular, I was running Mint 17.1 Mate but every time I hovered over a mp3 file it would lock up. So I moved back to Linux Lite, it just works and I can get work done.



I was recently distro hopping and found Linux Lite v2.2. I love it! It seems peppier than the other distros that I had tested. It easily handles my dual monitor configuration. The text editor, Leafpad, surprised me. You can save a text file with one of several end-of-line formats. ( <CR>, <LF>, OR <CR+LF>). That means that you can save a text file in a format that can be viewed on Microsoft Windows without using the unix2dos file converter utility.
I expect to stay with Linux Lite for several years. As you Brits say, it does what it says on the tin.



Found my home. Dammit I just keep coming back to Lite. I love the little linux distro. Fits me like a glove. I feel like I am the master of my domain. Does anyone know what I'm saying?
I Started Ubuntu 10.10 years ago and that was so disappointing. No not at the distro or even the Linux as an OS. I just had no clue what I was getting into. I think I broke it that same night. I was so clueless.

Gone back to Win7 for a few more years and saw a YouTube video and that peaked my interest again. By that time I was gonna try Ubuntu 14.04 and this time after watching a few hundred bash and distro install videos I decided to give Ubuntu another go. This time I managed to keep it going for over a month with out breaking it. Unity was fun but I got sick of it fast.

So I came across a few more reviews and found Linux Lite. I liked it and played with it a few days. Burnt me a CD and still wanted to see the others.

Tried to install Open Suse and I think something went wrong and bailed. Went back to Lite.

Few weeks later thought I try something else. Starting to figure this stuff out.
I tried Linux mint KDE and I liked it but so much eye candy and stuff to play with and adjust. I did not like the Activities thingy and the different types of desktops and all I wanted was to put icons on the desktop. So I bailed on that but kept the disk.

Back to Lite.

Tried some Jeos and did not get far with that at all. Tried FreeBSD NOPE never even got it installed.
I thought I should have to try Red Hat too but it seems like that's not a free distro.
Back to Lite. Think I'll stay a while.



I just installed Linux Lite for my mother. She's been running Windows 7, but her system has been wrecked by malware (she's not the only one in the house who uses the machine). She was complaining about how slowly it's been running lately and about the ads, popups, etc. I decided that rather than format the drive and reinstall Windows, I would just replace it with a Linux distro. I tested a few, and Linux Lite seemed best suited for the job.

Looking great so far. Doing a dist-upgrade at the moment. She'll be getting back into town, Monday, and I'm going to surprise her with it!

Hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for the cool distro!


No more distro hopping for me. This is what I've been looking for. I've installed Linux Lite 2.0 on my Acer Aspire 1410. It has a Core 2 Solo and 3gb ram, 250gb HDD.

Everything worked out of the box. My favorite apps were a breeze to install and this distro runs great on this machine. The screen is broken so I've hooked it up to a 1600x900 monitor and even that was detected and ready to go out of the box. Now it serves as a desktop PC with my wireless mouse and keyboard combo.
I first installed the 32 bit version, but now I have the 64 bit version installed. For some reason the machine seems to run faster on x64.

Love the GUI, Love the simplicity. I'll be sticking with Linux Lite for a long time to come.


I've been using Linux as primary operating system since 1999. I have just installed Lite 2.2 Why I have not done it before??? Great distro. It is a distro I definitely would recommend, also for those who use Windows XP

Keep up the great work, you've made an excellent distro! The LTS factor is much appreciated. Thanks.



I installed 2.2 Beta a few days ago and now it's my favorite Linux distribution: easy to use, fast and versatile. So far I have experienced no glitches, though I can't get the weather screenlet to work for my address.
I gave up Windows a couple of years ago, feeling I had no control over the processes in my own computer. I especially like Linux Lite's lack of the paranoia that makes free access to my network files difficult in many other versions of Linux.



I've been using some form of Linux since 2007. Even though Linux Lite mainly targets Windows users, I find that is suitable for the more advanced Linux users as well. It has a nice blend of sane, simple defaults and minimal bling while also being attractive. Major kudos to the devs.

To the devs: Keep up the great work, you've made an excellent distro! The LTS factor is much appreciated when many other distros are trying to be bleeding edge. Thanks!



I'm an 3D and 2D animator in San Francisco. I am a newbie to Linux Lite who has moved to Linux from Win XP. I never have looked back. I recently installed Linux Lite 2.2 on two laptops I found in a raging rain storm bound for the recyclers. They run great!



I been tinkering with linux since 2003. I'm a power windows user that's always kept my eyes on linux. Reading the changelog and installing the latest distros has always been leisure for me. However I only found a few distros to be usable and still, most do crash (I know it's usually the blame of the hardware drivers but still annoying)

I love Linux Mint, but recently found Linux Lite mentioned in the latest edition of Linux Format. Someone was just flat out praising it how some obscure hardware they had wouldn't work on any distros except Linux Lite. It just caught my attention.

Now, I installed it on 2 older laptops. A Gateway NV59 and a HP Pavilion DV4-2160US 14.1-Inch Laptop. I know if i installed a XFCE based Ubuntu or even mint it probably work just as well, but something about Linux Lite. Maybe it's your modification of the UI/icon placements/where certain things are, etc. It is just awesome. I'm surprised it's not that popular hence I came on here took the time to register and wanted to just give the people behind the project a big thank you!



First, kudos for a fantastic release of Linux for Windows users. I started my career in Unix cli, switched to MS OS and have mainstreamed in Windows server OS ever since. All this to really say I have dabbled in Linux for the last 5+ years looking for a really good Linux release...never quite found what I was looking for until now. Here it is. Thank you. With this release, I will be evangelizing this version of Linux to all those frustrated WIN8.x users. I have installed this on an Acer Aspire 5750, an Acer D255E Netbook, all good. Thanks again, great job.

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Stone Forest

This is a grrreat piece of work.
Your tutorials are really helpful (and I'm very experienced with Linux) and better than many out there.
It's good to know that someone's are really making Linux more accessible, and breathing new life into old machines, that may otherwise hit the rubbish tip.

XFCE is a good choice: it's really so light on resources, and much more efficient and tidy than OpenBox or LXDE, especially for migrators.
It's a really pretty distro, too, nice and bright, nice and light, in more ways than one.

Good work, and many thanks.

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Suresh Kannan

I love Linux Lite.

I bought a new laptop in January  I have installed Linux Lite. I have used it for the last 10 months and I love it.
Thank you Linux Lite team!!!

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Sheldon Cwinn

We now have Linux Lite on 17 machines. Support costs have dropped from $3,825/user/year to $422/user/year if current trends continue. That would be a savings of almost $60,000!

I did run a test against a few Lubuntu based distros and Linux Lite was lighter on resources, more stable, and in general a more complete OS. Again, thanks for the miracle that Linux Lite actually is. I have a Compaq 4400 that was new in 2006 and it runs better than my brand new Asus running that MS OS that I have to use as a development machine.

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Just popping in to say hello and to express my thanks for Linux Lite 2.0. This distro is absolutely amazing. So polished, so light, so damn good. The best XFCE based Ubuntu distro available, hands down.

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Lou Gagliardi

I was looking for a simple, easy to use and lightweight distro. I found it. I share a computer with my mother, so it was important for her to have ease of use - and Linux Lite is it.

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I have used Ubuntu for some years at work, but at home I usually used Windows XP. Now, I am searching for alternatives as I have a (not so) old computer (AMD Sempron, 2GB RAM and GeForce 4) and Windows 7 is not a good alternative for such as computer and Ubuntu does not support my graphic card and it is too heavy for my old computer.

Thus, I have arrived at Linux Lite some days ago and I am really amazing by the result. I have not tested it too much, but I think it could become my operating system for the next years.

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I'm a long term Linux user who has never settled on one distro for very long. I have poor attention span I guess! Although Linux in some flavour has been my only OS at home for over a decade my journey has been so smooth that I haven't really become an expert in it, except in areas where I have needed to learn my way around.

For the past few months, I have been installing Fedora with XFCE which I love, using it for a while and then replacing it with Linux Lite which I also love and so on. Currently back on Linux Lite.

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Robert Entwistle

Saw a YT video recently suggesting Linux Lite 2.0 is a good replacement for XP, from 'Britec'. I was favorably impressed. I immediately went and grabbed the ISO's (32/64 bit), a spare HDD for a tired (XP) Dell Latitude laptop and went to town. The XP HDD has not been back in the drive bay since! Long time Windows user with some (minimal) Unix (Bell Labs) background. The long list of software add-ons is great and in general the transition was nearly painless, LOVE IT!

One note, Netflix add-on SW did not say anything about or include Pipelight, which is required. I had done some reading prior about MF and Linux so I was aware (or had a hunch) and once I installed that, NF worked no problem.

The only other observation I have so far is that disks seem to show up as 0 bytes. If you select everything in the window you get stats but the disk alone seems to return 0 for some reason.

Next up, a HTPC build. After surveying the distro's out there, I think I happened on the right one and will be using it there too (that's why the 84 bit ISO).
Thanks so much for your efforts and I think Linux Lite's philosophy is going to make it HUGE! That's my prediction.
Signed, a new, thrilled and happy Linux Lite 2.0 user!

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Just installed Linux Lite on two of my XP suffering cpus and going all steam ahead...grandkid's never had so much fun, Papa loves it too.

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Having been a Linux user since 2009 I have tried most of the big ones out, Ubuntu, Mint, Mandriva, Puppy, Arch etc. I fully moved over to Linux from day one as you got to be in it to win it! I came across Linux Lite 2.0 while watching YouTube and thought I would give it a go...WOW I know it's Ubuntu/Debian based but it gets things so right! I have now installed it on my desktop and lappy as I am so impressed, I have installed extra software repositories and I couldn't be happier.
A huge thumbs up from me.

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I was using Kubuntu on a desktop as my first Linux OS. After a couple months I decided my 7 year old laptop needed to be switched from Windows to Linux. KDE was too heavy and tried Ubuntu but didn't like Unity. Searched Distrowatch for Debian/Ubuntu based distros and found Linux Lite among a few others. Played with all of them for a few weeks and found Linux Lite to be a great OS for this particular laptop. All the hardware worked and it was fast like when I first bought it. I've been using Linux Lite to convert friends and family to Linux ever since.

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Was an XP user forever...that being said...used it mainly to play cash on line poker. Started with Hold'em and switched to PLO. Then the big "no more XP support" announcement came. Did a Google search and found Ubuntu 14.04. Tried it out...didn't like it very much. Did another search and found Mint 17, really liked that one and was dual booting with XP until the HDD went on my HP.
Shortly after that a friend gave me an old rebuilt Dell Dimension 2400 with a fresh XP install. It's too small for a full distro and a dual boot. Found Lubuntu and used that with a dual boot...found it much too unstable and thoroughly detest PCManFM. Started another search trying to find a distro without PCManFM as the file manager. Found Linux Lite 2 and am quite satisfied. Linux Lite 2 has all one could want and need, it's lightweight, easy to use, and pairs well as a dual boot in a baby box. If for some reason the XP messes up, will have no problem using Linux Lite 2 as a stand alone. Good chance will be giving this Dell to my grandson to use, after repairing the HP.

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Nathan A. Wofford

Thank you so very much for the time and effort you and your people have put into Linux Lite. Version 2.0 64bit has got to be one of the greatest operating systems I've ever seen. I first installed 1.0.8 32bit and have recently upgraded. I've been telling everyone I know about it (almost shouting from the rooftops). It's everything Bill wishes he could come up with. Be careful he might try to steal all of your ideas for his bloated piece of crap OS. I installed a few other Linux OS's along with XP a few years ago, but now, after trying 2.0 64bit I am completely sold and I will never look back. It feel like I have been paroled from MS prison. Thank you again. I am a fan for life.

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Jesse Degnitz

I dumped Windows XP about 2 weeks ago because I got sick of the no support and constant crashes. I decided on Linux Lite because I did not have a big disc (DVD) to burn the ISO. After 3 days of running Linux I can already do way more than any windows machine I owned in the first few days of owning it. Linux is awesome. I messed with it when I was a kid but nothing serious. I am glad I decided to try it again, I will never buy another windows machine again.

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Big Tiger

I am 64 years old and have part of F/OSS since 1987. Contributed to the LISP compiler in EMACS way back when. I am developing a computer for Education, especially Home Schooling in the United States. I work full-time as a Certified Mac Tech during the day, and have been away from Linux for some years. Since I am going to put Linux on the Educational Laptop, I had many, many new distros to try and install. Wow, are things different!

In short, though, Linux Lite rose above all others. I cannot bow deeply enough.

I am even running it on a Mac Pro Tower with 9TB of storage over the set of drives. This is amazing. The desktop works with the most elegance of any. Simply, it does *everything* right. Everything. It's like you went down a checklist of Perfect Things for Linux to do, and you made all of them work.

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I've been with Linux Lite since 1.06 both 64 and 32 bit and can honestly say its amazing and versatile. I've been distro hopping since 2004, but haven't felt the need since Linux Lite. Plug-n-play all the way :-)



Don't change a thing with Linux Lite EXCELinux LiteENT OS.

I am new to Linux and tried a few distros and Linux Lite was the easiest and MOST enjoyable one to use. I really didn't like the supposed light capabilities of Ubuntu Mint. The fact this is LTS encouraged me to use this on my old XP machine. Thanks to Linux Lite I can say goodbye to Windows and all the hassles that come with it.

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Ron Rett

The best Linux for Windows XP Pro/Home. If your computer is running Windows XP, and you can't upgrade, download and install Linux Lite. It's fast and very light weight with your ram. Linux Lite 2.0 is awesome.

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Nick C

Probably the most well-built Linux distribution I've ever had the chance to play with. I've been a 'distro hopper' (one who tinkers, uses and tries out multiple Linux distributions w/o committing oneself to one in particular) for a couple years now, but that may have come to an end. Linux Lite is appealing to the eye, light enough to run on older hardware, and backed by not only one of the most well known and stable distros, but a team of motivated, intelligent and community-friendly teams. Great job, Linux Lite Team! Keep it up! :D

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Chad G

When it comes to my servers I use Ubuntu Server LTS all the way, but when it comes to desktop OS for myself or my users it's Linux Lite hands down. It just works and works well. It has everything that you could need out of the box and easy to install the extras down the road!

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Sheldon Cwinn

Linux distros I have tried so many and have spent so much time playing with them that I felt hopeless to find the right balance between reliability, configurability, and usability. I own a .Net development company, we are Microsoft partners and now we will switch to Linux thanks to Linux Lite. After experimenting on a few workstations I can honestly say that our support costs have plummeted. I have never thanked Microsoft for anything... but I will thank you! Linux Lite is by far the best, most stable, and fastest OS I have ever used. Kudos!

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Vast improvement! This Distro will take them all back a few years. Great Job Linux Lite Team!

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Jens Beckers

Wow, what a great operating system is this. I also tried a lot of other linux distro's, but now Linux Lite 2.0 is the BEST!!! Everything just works out of the box. I 'm using Linux Lite 2.0 on an old HP laptop, an old Dell laptop and a lot off other minimal hardware. It's amazing what you can do with Linux lite on lower system requirements. Now I don't need to buy very expensive hardware anymore. Just with some good basic hardware and Linux Lite on it, can become a very nice computer.
You did a very good job with this linux. It 's my first OS now!!!I hope it will get the best and first OS in the world! Eat this Microsoft. Thanks!!!!

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I have a Dell D800 laptop from (maybe) 2004. Love Linux Lite 2.0. Broadcom 43xx (wireless) wasn't even an issue on this OS. All you Linux users know what I'm talking about. Best of the best!

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Devon Crain

I've tried over thirty Linux distributions now, all on the same piece-of-junk laptop. While they've all worked better than Windows Vista, none have been better than Linux Lite. Words cannot describe how grateful I am towards these people for delivering such a superb experience to my poor machine. Kudos to you guys!

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I tried almost 30 versions of linux. I love love my Linux so great...not one issue..or one weird flaw.


Bill D

I have an old Acer Aspire 3000 laptop that was new when XP first came out. Single core CPU and now 2 gig of RAM. This runs as fast as my desktop with Lite I love it and may just upgrade to Lite 2.0.



I last touched UNIX about 15 years ago, running a large manufacturing system.. I am now in my "golden years" (the big 70th birthday a few months ago), and I received a laptop with Windows 8.(If Microsoft made a vacuum cleaner it would also suck !!!..Not my quote ) I now have a extremely responsive laptop, running Linux Lite 2.0. I first went to Linux Mint (Cinnamon), polished, but "heavy", even on the SSD. Next, to the other extreme, Bodhi Linux..Amazingly fast, but a "tad" too minimalist, and lacking in some areas..Then to Manjaro, again very fast, but just not a comfortable experience. The Linux Lite development team, has my sincerest congratulations on such a polished release, that, as a user, gives me a comfortable and secure feeling. It boots up so quickly on my SSD, that the screen is fully loaded, before the Wi-Fi has a chance to connect. It is so refreshing to be away from "Window" clutter, and to have such a clean desktop... Right clicking on the desktop, to bring up a menu has an certain intuitive feel to it. It could be argued that with the specs on my laptop, that I don't need a "lightweight" installation. My argument for Linux Lite, would be to point out that the applications included with the install, are anything but 'lightweight', and I can add whatever "eye candy" I would like to the desktop, (if I wanted to..which I don't). There is a world of difference between a "Minimalist" installation, and Linux Lite. The former is very fast, because it has very little installed, the latter is also very fast (responsive would be more appropriate.."fast is too subjective) because it was designed to be, and not because it has been just stripped to the bare bones, necessary to boot up. I want a clean uncluttered desktop, in conjunction with a set of quality applications, and a very responsive system. That is what I now have !
Oh, BTW, the touch screen on the laptop works perfectly (not that I have really found much use for it). My German Shepherds' nose also works really well on the screen.!!!
Once again, Kudos to the Development Team, and I look forward to future developments.



First of all I would like to thank the Team behind Linux Lite for their great work! I, as an owner of a, by now rather old Acer Aspire One A110L have had a hard time on finding a distribution that would work well with this little machine. Then I found Linux Lite and after a minor difficulty during installation (encrypting the home folders appears to cause the installation to freeze when being run on an A110L), everything was fine. There wasn't basically anything more to be configured and the performance is good enough for my use cases. What I find particularly great about this OS, is the Additional Software Installation Menu which offers an easy installation of almost every basic things one might need (iPod Support, Skype etc.). Amazing is also the Steam Integration, that allows me to chat with my friends on the platform!

For other A110L Users: you might not have to throw away your machine when it slows down, it might be your SSD! Back in the day (2008) SSDs did not support TRIM, so it was likelier for them to fail after a few years. That was what happened to mine so I replaced it with a compatible one (an e-bay or amazon search should help). For the rest, one can upgrade the RAM, as there is a hidden slot behind the mainboard. And with 1.5Gb RAM and a new SSD, at least for me, I regained a fairly well working netbook with almost everything working (I only still have some issues with recording audio)

So, thanks again for the great system!

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I just want to say that after hopping all over the place I have settled on Linux Lite 2.0. I have used Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint, PCLinux, MX-14, Debian & Puppy. This Distro is by far the most polished & easiest to use. Even though I am not a newbie, it gets tiresome constantly tweaking & messing with the system just to get it to do what I need it to do. This distro worked straight away out of the box. There are a few little imperfections that is shared with all xfce distros, but they are the fault of the upstream components not Linux Lite. All in all a great job on a great distro!

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Hello all, Allusoar here. I have been in the Linux community for about half a year now and I love it. A couple months ago I decided to completely leave Windows in favor of Linux. I have tried as many distributions as I can, nearly all of the major distributions. I will list the distributions I have tried below, but enough of that talk. I would like to say that this distribution is definitely in my Top 10 Linux distributions. Simple yet complex, stable, lite, so many things I could list. After going on a 2 month distribution binge, I have finally found the one I want to settle down on. This Linux distribution makes me feel at home. I have had no problems with this distribution yet, on top of that I would like to go into more detail. The download for it took less than 10 minutes, the install took 2 minutes, boot up is less than 30 seconds, a blazing fast distribution that I would recommend to any Linux user. Home at last.



Happy to be a new Linux Lite User.
Already finding help for my noob problems here. Must say that this forum is invaluable helping this new Linux user jump the Windows Ship.



Greetings from Wisconsin!
Over the past 15 or so years, I have been a pure IT manager and watched my UNIX/Linux/BSD/etc. skills fade. I used to be quite proficient in system admin work, writing Perl scripts, etc. For a while, I thought FreeBSD was the end all/be all of operating systems, particularly for servers.

With Microsoft's recent sunset of Windows XP support and my owning several older PC's that still seem to have plenty of life in them, I started to look at lite distros. I initially decided to install Lubuntu on one of my old PC's and was amazed at how simple it was to install. I was hooked (again) on the freedom, tweakability, speed, innovation, etc. of an open source operating system. I “binge” installed several distros including Elementary, Zorin, Puppy, PCLinuxOS, SolydX, etc. Each of them have a lot of strengths and breathed life into my old PC's. But for whatever reason -- whether it was the video resolution, Wi-Fi connectivity, detecting hardware, general error messages, UI, or whatever else -- I wasn't completely happy. Maybe I have some strange hardware configurations. Plus, I'm a musician and wanted to try Ardour as a new DAW alternative to my older Windows-based packages. Unfortunately, not all of my audio hardware was recognized by several distros and there were usually some other audio issues.

Then I discovered Linux Lite. It installed quickly, recognized all of my hardware and just worked!

I'm not entirely sure why Linux Lite doesn't get more great reviews & props because I have found it to be just about perfect for my needs. It has just the right balance of ease of use, great hardware detection, awesome speed & performance, selection of pre-installed apps, aesthetics, tweakability, etc. And this support forum has been a great way to get answers to questions.

I've already told several family members and coworkers that Linux is no longer a black box with a mysterious question mark on it. It is ready for prime time use by every day users. And the distro that I recommend, based on looking at several, is Linux Lite.

HUGE thanks and props to Valtam and the rest of the Linux Lite developers for creating an absolutely fantastic distro! And thanks for supporting this support forum!


Jerry Harrison

I have had a perfect experience with 2.0 Everything worked great. Using PlayOnLinux I have Diablo 3 and Star Wars Empire at War working. This is on a Dell Latitude E6420. I switched over from Xubuntu and couldn't be happier.


John Boocock

Installed "Lite" on an ancient DELinux Lite 610 laptop which was creaking under XP. Flying now and good battery life too. Fabulouso!


Cory Miller

Great distro! Keep it up keep it going, keep it maintained indefinitely! Go Linux Lite!!!! Linux lite 4ever!



It is the best OS I have used so far in about 10 years of Linux. But Lite (still until update) has a bug with the desktop-icons, those tend to go all to the left side of the screen sometimes.
The use of launchers for icons (instead of making them from the old menu, maybe also from Whiskers), and in 'settings-desktop-icons' switching off trash, filesystem, removable disks on the desktop does (almost) cure this problem, it looks like.
But in the meantime: this is a fantastic software, fast, crispy, stable, no problem, what so ever.. better than Xubuntu itself, better than Mint, which I used with great pleasure until now on several partitions.
I will use it as long as it is this good.

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Ron M

I converted to Linux about a year ago from windows XP. My first foray was another flavor of Linux ubuntu based that was highly rated. It had numerous quirks in many programs and I could count on a complete crash multiple times a week where power button was my only recourse. I decided to try Lite 2.0 a couple weeks ago. The install was a breeze. Configuration was easy and the choice of programs is very good. I'm blown away that every quirk from my previous flavor is corrected and I have not had a system freeze up. The whole team did a great job with this and I will be a long term user of this operating system. My thanks to all that had a part in this. Great job! The only suggestion I would make is a simpler image program. GIMP is probably a great program once learned but it seems like there is considerable learning curve and I'm wondering if there isn't a simpler program that covers the majority of a persons needs. Otherwise, just wonderful Operating system. So pleased with it.
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One of the fastest and simply elegant distros I've used to date. How could anyone even think about using Windows when you have an OS like Linux Lite 2.0 it just works! This has been my go to distro that I use for getting friends and family to switch away from Microsoft. It even comes with PlayOnLinux which supports Microsoft Office installs for those who complain they need their Office. There's also a free online version of all Microsoft Office Products you can use from your web browser so you don't even have to install it. The developer of Linux Lite OS has polished this OS from top to bottom and the software installer script which was written in bash using Zenity makes it a no brainer for people new to Linux to be able to install commonly used software. Thanks for creating a quick & all around great distro. I hope you continue to keep this project going as it is in a league all by it's self.

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Sheldon Cwinn

I am a big fan of Linux Lite. It is surprising what a great replacement it is not only for XP but for Windows in general. I sort of disagree with your observation that the developers don't know what market Linux Lite plays to. Linux Lite captures the essence of Linux itself, providing a solid platform to build upon, but also providing enough depth out of the box to satisfy a users basic requirements. I think its major competitor is Elementary OS, however Linux Lite is more mainstream.


Tommy Mayer

Very much impressed with Linux Lite 2.0, you have done a good job. Installation went like a breeze, replacing VectorLinux on a Vostro 1510 with a banjaxxed Geforce 8400M which refuses to work with any Windows driver (artifacts all over the screen). Everything works just fine just of the box. Only think I miss is a proper music player, while VLC is a good choice for video it doesn't really cut it for me when it comes to music.

Anyone considering the move from Windows to Linux to give their older hardware a new lease of life should look no further than Linux Lite. User-friendliness at its best. Kudos and keep up the good work.

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Another new Lite user here. Actually I started off with 1.06 and now using 1.08. I installed 2.0 on an 11 yr old Dell Dimension 2400 that I'm configuring for my sister, and my daughters Dell Latitude (7 yrs old) glitches, no bumps, no problems. Since switching over to Linux 5 yrs ago, I have stayed in the stable Debian/Ubuntu line with Ubuntu/Mint/Xubuntu and Bodhi.
I've always been about stability and speed. Lite more than delivers. I can use the GUI for anything I need, and still go to the terminal if I choose.

I don't like to jump on the bandwagon, till I've used and tested a distro over a period of months, and read as much feedback and reviews as I possibly can. Well, I am officially on the bandwagon. Great distro!


Noel Walker

Love Linux Lite 2.0.

I love the new version 2 of Linux Lite. All of the issues I had with the previous release have been addressed, and it seems the quickest version of Linux I have tried yet. The 'Install Additional Apps' is great and has all the apps I usually download anyhow.
Can't think of anything bad to say about this release.

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Jerry Harrison
Installed on my work PC. Used the 'Install Additional Software' for Dropbox, Weather Applet and Remmina. Restored my Firefox with FEBE. Everything just works. Nice and quick. Running on a Dell Optiplex 745 w/ 4 Gb RAM


Mal Caporn
I put that (Linux Lite 2.0) on one of my computers last night, very impressed. I didn't think they would improve it that much from 1.0.8 (didn't think they COULD improve it that much) but they did. I like the improvements in the install additional software section, including the addition of Skype and XBMC in there. The slight change in the volume indicator area will help a number of people i am sure.


Mautairi Brown

Awesome!!! Just upgrading Laptops and PC's to 2.0 been testing Beta 2.0 this is a fantastic release super fast WAY BETTER THAN XP thank you to The LINUXLITE TEAM and Community.



Wow, I am only a few hours into Linux Lite and I can tell you from all my distro hopping that this is the best distro of any I have tried! I have gone through about 15 distros and was looking for something lightweight but beautiful and configurable and Linux Lite fills the bill in so many ways. Thank you so much to the developer and his team for all their hard work and for such a tremendous distro. I will be recommending and installing this on every one of my user's systems when they are looking for a change from Windows/Mac. This is my go to distro and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.



I have an Acer Netbook from 2009 that was made for Windows Vista OEM.
I put Linux Lite 1.8 on it and replaced it with Linux Lite 2.0 beta in an attempt to get Flash to run successfully on YouTube. Tweaked sound card settings and now all seems to be flawless. Not my 1st Linux, but by far the best for my needs! Spreading the word to all my friends!



Greetings to all from a new fan of Linux Lite who wishes to share his enthusiasm for this OS with you all.
I have two laptops which would probably be considered under powered by comparison to some of the latest models, but they are in excellent condition, and with Linux Lite 2.0 installed they have found a new life. First, I wiped the hard drive clean on the XP laptop, and installed Linux Lite. Results were outstanding. The other laptop has Win 7, and a higher capacity hard drive, so I am dual booting that one with Linux Lite. Actually, I'm not dual booting much any more, I'm working almost entirely with Linux Lite. This has been a most productive venture for me, and I expect that I will continue to feel that way for a long time down the road.


Leonard Specht

I love LinuxLite 1.0.8. Per your and Spatry's reviews, I replaced Win XP with it on a Dell box we use to host a family Minecraft server. I also put it on my son's Acer netbook (Win 8 made it so slow) for college (and Minecraft) and my wife's old Acer laptop the kids use to watch YouTube videos and play Tux games.



I really love Linux Lite. It runs on minimum resources but like you say has most software you would need out of the box. I usually only test in virtual with 512 Mb of Ram ( admittedly using SSD ) but haven't found another yet that compares. LiteSO-xVw4


Major Dingus

I've always thought Linux Lite was the best balance of user friendliness and customization. It's fast and customizable with XFCE, so it really feels like a linux distro that belongs to you, but with its Ubuntu base it's still really easy to use. Definitely my favorite Ubuntu based distribution. LiteSO-xVw4


Joe Johnston

I just had to state how frighteningly brilliant Linux Lite is!! Valtam has done a phenomenal and amazing job and it blows my mind the more I discover about it. The nuances and details are truly incredible and I am so thankful to have and be using this distro. It is now going to be my recommended distro for my customers and I hope to be able to assist the project in the future. Thank you for an amazing gift to the Linux community.



Replaced Windows 7 on Compaq Presario laptop with Linux Lite - sound, wireless, everything worked out of the box - Really pleased. Many thanks.

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Robert Strawick

'Best Dam Operating System in the World' I've owned computers since 8088 times, before operating systems, How do you love loading Linux Lite and not having to do anything else to the computer. JUST 'LINUX LITE' IT UP AND USE IT everything else works out of the box for me. Gateway, Dell and IBM, different vintages, different speeds, all run beautiful and fast, and don't forget a donation after it fixes your machine. You just saved a bunch of money with Linux Lite.

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Downloading the latest by Torrent right now. VERY good to see efforts like this. Many of us have still useful gear we have taken care of, like the Toshiba at home with a Celeron 1.5 Ghz cpu, 1.5 gig's ram and a 100 gig HD. Micro$oft just feels I should toss it in the trash...really ?
Thanks again.

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Trevor Blanc

This has made it so easy for me to get out of the clunky Ubuntu Unity interface and into a sleek, infinitely customizable XFCE interface, that makes it seamless to integrate other things like Conky or XScreenSaver, and I prefer it much to Debian (what I had previously because Ubuntu was not customizable enough) because I get the latest and greatest updates and applications from the Ubuntu repositories, not to mention the many PPA repositories where I can get all my favorite applications easily and efficiently. It's also flawlessly fast and responsive, thanks to the low amount of default software, which other distributions tend to include lots of. If you do prefer more software, it's so easy to install the most popular apps using the included installer scripts which use less than 20KB of the space in a fresh installation. Overall, this OS is a great replacement of vanilla Ubuntu or Debian, and definitely great for new users and people looking to replace their obsoleted Windows XP on their old hardware.

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Linux lite is the best linux distro i ever use. It's perfect work on my laptop(AMD E1)

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Arun Prasad

A very big thank you and congratulations for the Linux Lite latest version. I am absolutely new to Linux and it was a cake walk for me and just took only 15 min to install and run in my Dell system. It flawlessly detected the hardware's and I was able to configure the Mobile broadband in minutes. Thank you for this excellent version.

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Tony L

Love's me some Linux Lite.

I've been a bit of a distro hopper. I started with Ubuntu and Fedora and ARCH. All were very nice but I really love Linux Lite. If I were a new Linux user I'd be drawn to Linux Lite for its easy to understand interface and speed. Features are easy to install and being based on Ubuntu is very helpful. Windows users considering a Linux version should consider Linux Lite.

Thanks, team!

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dominique kilman

Need to replace your WinXP OS? try @LinuxLite - my new fav linux distro.


Paul Camphuijzen

Love this OS, it's lite indeed but complete and charming! What a wonderful replacement for Windows XP with its ending support.



I've been using Linux Lite for a very short time and I just want to shout how much I am loving Lite 1.0.8 more and more by the day!! I installed 1.0.8 about 2 weeks ago thinking I was going to skip back and forth to XP for familiarity reasons, but I am telling you I have NO DESIRE to fart around windows anymore! Linux demands more out the user. Linux doesn't insult the user's intelligence like Windohs! I am definitely going to explore other Linux distros in due time, full time. But for now, Lite 1.0.8 is a satisfying introduction to the Linux world. Fairly simple to understand and perfect to immerse in. And yes it's all FREE!


John Dean

Thanks for all the work and time on Linux Lite. I have over the last year moved my father, brother, and brother-in-law over from Windows XP and Vista. They are using it with no issues and surprisingly not one support call. It's given new life to their machines and they have discovered how freeing it is to do things such as customize the DE to their liking.

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I dusted off my wife's old tired stock Dell Inspiron 1200 lap top (Windows XP OS still installed on a 30 GB hard drive [30 GB HD? Wadda concept] LOL) and installed Linux Lite It is a fast, easy to use and install version that has a UI like Windows so there is almost no learning curve required. It saw and connected to my wireless network without me doing anything except saying yes that is my network typing in the PW and allowing it to connect and BAM I was on line.

If you are a Windows user and have been flirting with the Linux option this might be the distro for you.


Brian Kanto

I have used dozens of Distros, this one rocks. On top of that, you have some of the most stand up people you will find anywhere behind this. My daughter has this and I catch my son using hers. He has Xubuntu, but refuses to leave it. He goes to Linux Lite, when he has any trouble with a program. LiteSO-xVw4


Benjamim Janeiro

Lite and fast, but complete !!! Very good work !!!

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I've always thought Linux Lite was the best balance of user friendliness and customization. It's fast and customizable with XFCE, so it really feels like a linux distro that belongs to you, but with its Ubuntu base it's still really easy to use. Definitely my favorite Ubuntu based distribution. LiteSO-xVw4


Doug Ward

I've use .deb since 1996. No Windoze. A brief spat with 95 then 98. What a joke.
This Lite is the most stable Linux I've used since the early days of Xandros. Bravo! Keep up the good work.

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Sheldon Cwinn

Thank-you!!! I own a software development company and I am a Microsoft partner. I absolutely, positively love Linux Lite. I have changed many of my personal machines to Linux Lite and will probably only use Windows when I absolutely need to. Your distro is simple, friendly, unobtrusive and in short the perfect OS for the average person. Thanks again for a wonderful distro. You rock!

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Tejender Prasad

My personal opinion about Linux lite is reliable both in standby computing, data base , and using the test benches, well to say frankly its better than XP .... Love this distro ...


Carl Pruitt

Can't commend @LinuxLite enough for the great documentation! Makes it easy to recommend to people new to Linux.


Bill Nance, Assoc. Dean, McAfee School of Business, Union University
Dear Linux Lite Team:

I thought you might be interested to know that we are using Linux Lite to rehab donated systems that will be provided free of charge to students (both college and high school) in our area who can't afford to buy their own equipment. We selected Linux Lite for a number of reasons, but the main factors were:

1. Linux Lite runs well on older systems.
2. Linux Lite provides great user documentation available right from the desktop - critical for new Linux users.
3. Linux Lite is built for long-term support.
4. Linux Lite is easy to use, even for new users.
5. Linux Lite provides access to the Ubuntu repos - with a wealth of free/open source software available.

Most of the donated systems are at least 5 years old, with a few even older. We have successfully installed on 3 P4 machines with 1G of RAM (one with 512MB!) and the systems all run well.

I'm linking to four photos of some of our students working on a group of 8 desktops. We finished all 8 during this session, 8 others in a previous session, and have also installed on 3 laptops. We have a few more donated systems upon which we will install Linux Lite in the next few days.

All 19 completed systems are now in use by the students we selected.
Thanks for providing such a robust, easy to use, easy to install system.

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Stone Forest

Linux Lite is perfect for my Acer Aspire One ZG5. Brilliant as Ubuntu Precise is, it was a bit too slow, even with maximum 1.5GiB RAM & clocked up to 1.6GHz with cpufreqd. I haven't even clocked up Linux Lite, yet. I forgot just how fast XFCE/Thunar is: 1Gib/min data transfer on this machine, copying/backing up to an external USB drive; 6x faster than standard Ubuntu/Nautilus on the same.

I've also installed to an EeePC 701 4G:
from a live USB: open terminal (CTRL+ALT+T):
enter: 'sudo leafpad /usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/'
go to line 796 and change the 'fudge factor' from 2 to 1.4, save it, and it shall install, leaving more than 500MiB space free. Not clocked up to 900MHz, it's still super fast.

Linux Lite is both better and faster than my own LXDE/OpenBox/PCMANFM-based custom-build. I can still add Unity and/or OpenBox if I want, and I'm already working on an even lighter (fewer default applications) version to remaster(sys) on another EeePC 701 4G, for small SDD machines, if you're interested.

I raise my glass to you!!!

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Mr Plod

I looked at Linux 10 years ago and it just wasn't ready for me then ::) Because I couldn't get everything to work right without a struggle it was easier to stick with Windows...
Having become increasingly fed up with my Lappy running hot, slow & crashing I decided that because my machine was only 3 years old I would have a look at something more resource friendly.
Having got on well with some other Open Source software - OpenOffice, Firefox & Thunderbird to name a few - I decided to revisit Linux and I'm so pleased that I discovered Linux Lite. Is is just what I was looking for and for me it worked right out of the box.
My initial plan was to do Dual Boot. But, after a few days of trialing Linux Lite I new that I would never use an MS product again. I've read a few times that you are targeting Windows users. Well, if that's the case, then you have got this one!

Thanks guys!

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Joshua Schneider

I love everything about Linux Lite, the applications, the design, performance. It's almost like it was made specifically for me in every way. Thank you so much.

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Dates By DaVall Online

Thank you for your great work on Linux Lite. I use it to refurbish donated pc's and distribute them to needy local students. It is perfect for our needs. A really great Distro!

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Antal Ispanovity

As time passes Ubuntu and derivative distributions become more and more demanding on the resources, so first I thought that this one is not as lite as it claims to be. I tried it on my netbook (32bit, single core Atom CPU, 1 GB RAM) and the live version performed outstanding. I imagine that a native installation is somewhat slower, but if that's half as fast as the live version that it's still a decent performance.

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Tom D

I have used or tried several Linux versions: Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Mageia, Lubuntu and Kubuntu, and others. I find Linux Lite to be the easiest to use, the most responsive and most practical operating system by far. Thank you Linux Lite. Great work.

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James Rolfe

@LinuxLite has turned this terrible, #esystem Vista machine into a usable, modern laptop. The #multitouch even works smoother than Windows!



I really love Linux Lite :)
I used it a long time now (since 1.x.x). Linux lite is really resource friendly and runs quite fast. The update script runs beautifully and fast. I enjoy this distro very much, since XFCE is extremely adaptable.


M Magoo

After updating Ubuntu 12.04 LTS my daughter's Sony VAIO FEE Centrino started acting weird. I installed the ver 1.0.8 of Linux Lite. WOW what a wonder. The ease for the installation, the settings, the drivers recognition it is fantastic!!! My daughter sends you her thanks. That computer is all her life she is using it for her college work.


Maxim Adrian

Linuxlite - Best OS ever

Fast and simple installing, compatible drivers with a lot of systems, contains only necessary preinstalled programs, lite, runs very fast , works great even on an older PC, and it looks wonderful! Tested on 3 computers! I recommend everyone this great operating system! R.I.P. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9, 10...


Donald Hill

2 years ago an MS XP update killed the boot. Reinstall? No support for SP 3, notebook was trashed. Thanks MS!
Ubuntu: the software ran really poorly on 1.6GHZ. Many drivers were missing... no internet.
Tried Lubuntu. It ran faster but colors were stuck with shades of blue and white. We used an external Wi-Fi and could go online. But after two years there were updates that balked and made the machine again un-usable.
Tried Amiga Acer-OS. It was too technical for my wife and frankly while it showed Wi-Fi connection it didn't connect. It had very poorly designed user interface.
Just installed Linux Lite: The Acer Inspire One runs like new, and all its hardware works including the Wi-Fi detector.
And Linux Lite is really pretty. The colors on the screen are better than when using the XP that came with it.
Nice job Linux Lite :D
It is the best OS for Acer Notebooks. Dump MS before they try to force win8 on you. The older Acers cannot run it but MS doesn't care.

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Okka Ylönen

I think I just found the best linux os in the world.


Lewis Harper

I put Linux Lite in my mothers old Dell Optiplex, she finds it easy enough.


Claudia Chuba

Lovely LinuxLite

I have 4 linux children + Windows on my older PC and Linux Lite is one I won't do without. Fast, easy to work with, stable and light. I only added Remastersys to the menu to create mirror backups. Love my 1.06 version because it's LTS and hope you'll keep an LTS version going forward. Thank you for all the hard work and all the best in year 2014. I'll be sending on my first donation.

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Lee Gold

Linux Lite, my Favorite Distro

This distro has the right combination of lightness and features. I find it very functional and simple to use. I hope the same thing will continue with future distro upgrades of it.

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Claudia Chuba

Love Linux Lite. Think it's one of the very best out there for the average user who doesn't want to spend all their time fixing problems. I use it on two desktops with Windows dual. Would add it to my laptop only it doesn't support PAE. Only had to manually add Remastersys for creating mirror backups. Very solid and works fast. I'm staying with 1.06 until the next Ubuntu 14.04 LTS arrival to see if Lite makes use of it for an upgrade. Leave it to the Kiwis to do it right!

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I first came across Linux Lite through a positive review on Youtube. So, I decided to give it a go. The real test was when my son had an issue playing Minecraft on his Thinkpad T60 running Windows 7. The whole laptop would freeze after only a few minutes in playing the game. I installed Linux Lite on the laptop, deleting the Windows operating system. After tweaking around, and sorting an issue with the package manager, it was time to download and install Minecraft. I had Minecraft up and running, and my son has not an issue in playing the game. Personally, I am using Linux Mint 13 Maya on my laptop. I am only using Windows because of one program that WINE cannot emulate. The menu structure is well thought out for those who are new to Linux. I had no issues in connecting to the Internet, and it detected my 3 in 1 printer, printed out a test page, and scanned the printed page. Thumbs up on this distro!

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Installed new Kernel - Lite is top!

Hallo Lite-Users. I'm a German user. Today I installed Kernel 3.11.0-14-generic. Lite 1.0.6 is running. Work now any weeks with Lite and a modern Office-Suite. free download since 2013/12/24.
Thanks for the work.

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Doug Shearer

Whilst lots of distros CLAIM to revitalize older (single core?) hardware i found that Linux Lite actually does run very speedily on an old PC I had almost given up on. With the install of Gigolo, I could also easily access my NAS drive and all of it's files. The version of LibreOffice included is recent and means an almost seamless usage of documents and spreadsheets. As Firefox is included (and after allowing Port 6000 to be used for the NAS admin) I can also use sound and video sites like You Tube and
All in all a quick and excellent install which works well. Well Done!

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Thanks for the Linuxlite OS. Its a true masterpiece.
I am an average computer user and I think that Linuxlite is a great starter base for people to start to explore Linux. It is so easy to use.

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Fishman Loves Linux

Linux Lite 1.0.6 is an Ubuntu-based Distro that is focused on reducing the usage of system resources and easy on the hardware. I discovered this Distro after watching a series on Youtube called, "Spatry's: Cup Of Linux" in which he reviews various Distros and other software application programs. My Dad's old Dell was running hot and freezing with Windows 7 Pro so, I had to do something fast as we are both disabled. No other Distro would work with his particular hardware configuration. I did the research and thought why not give it a try as I have been trusting Spatry for a long time now. In order to make a long story short, I installed Linux Lite 1.0.6 64-bit version and viola! My Dad's old Dell perked like it was on steroids! I mean it is running smoother and fast than it ever has before include from the factory. I then installed it on my old laptop (I found it in the dumpster one day taking out the trash) and it is running smoother, faster and cooler than ever. My girlfriend's laptop was having similar issues so she asked me to do the same with her laptop and now her's is running better than before. I switched my custom desktop PC over and now it is optimized without the hardware issues of overheating and the such.
So,in conclusion I must say that Linux Lite is so far the best Distro that I have ran across since Ubuntu 10.10 when I first started with experimenting with Linux. I highly recommend this Distro to anyone!
My Fishy Analysis is 10 out of 10 Fishies!


T. Bass

I've been using Linux Lite for over a year now, and have had no problems whatsoever. It's installed on an old Averatec, AMD single core laptop, with only 2GB RAM, but it performs all tasks handily.
I really appreciate the clean simplicity of XFCE as well. This New Zealand based distro is keeping my old laptop alive and working well. I tried several other distros on the machine, but it didn't have enough power to smoothly run them.
I'm sure when XP expires, many will be looking to replace it with a secure, low-resource usage, easy to use distro, and Linux Lite would certainly certainly fill the bill.


Eddie G

I've used Linux Lite for about 8 months now and have no real complaints, my only nit-pick is when you have say Thunderbird open on one desktop interface, (since I am a tech-junkie, I usually open Firefox on another desktop have my VLC media playing my tunes on another desktops..and finally have Pidgin on the last desktop using all 4 of them daily!) but when I click on a link in TB it opens in Firefox just fine but the Firefox will snap to the same desktop that TB is in and it becomes a cumbersome task to have to constantly put the FF icon BACK in the second desktop especially if you have a LOT of emails with hyperlinks that you have to check for work other than that though I think L.L. is setup perfectly, its overall layout is simple enough to get new Linux users up & running with minimal fuss, and if they continue on with the XFCE desktop environment, they could become as big as openSUsE and Ubuntu as a viable alternative OS for machines that are still running Windows Vista/XP, they could even become a standard in the corporate world if they get enough backing and support! Good Job all around!!


Scott Jones

Recently installed Linux Lite on my HP Compaq NC6320 laptop and its the distro hopper stopper wonderful, I have had Mint, Pclinuxos and Xubuntu on it but Linux Lite seems to work the best I just love it. Stopped using Microsoft at home 4 years ago and have never looked back many congrats to the Linux Distro Community for some fantastic work.



Having tried almost every imaginable distro I'm running Linux Lite right now and I must admit : this is the best distro for the moment for me. This is the distro I should recommend to everyone coming from another OS. It's fast, light and good looking. What do we want more :)



I'm a returnee to Linux having been a Slackware fan for some years more than a decade ago. It was with great reluctance that I had to return to Microsoft when I became a mobile Wi-Fi user. The only Wi-Fi dongles I can get come with Microsoft drivers and no Linux alternatives so now I'm running Linux as my main OS but in a VPM box. And of the more than two dozen Linux varieties I tried, LinuxLite is the only one where everything has worked straight off the net - it sees my Windows ISP and Belkin dongles, accepts an English language/French keyboard combination and doesn't reset my passwords seemingly on a whim. All the software works and updates and additions install with no problem. On my 64 bit Toshiba laptop, even as a VP machine ,it's fast - far faster than expected. Criticisms? I haven't found any of importance yet and the tiny niggles are more down to my personal preferences than faults with an operating system I can see me sticking with for many years to come. How nice it is to be back.



Hello all. Just heard of Linux Lite last night and decided to try it for an older machine I have. To say the least, I was impressed. I have a couple of old P4 machines I have been playing with linux on and Linux Lite is what I have been looking for! This is the first distro I have found that looks decent, is actually responsive on a 1.7G P4 with 1Gb Ram, and has a nice interface. Configuration is pretty intuitive as well compared to most distros I have tried.

Although I have been playing with linux for a couple of years, I am a newbie. It just took 1 evening of Linux Lite to make me decide to wipe my server of and go with Linux Lite. Why all distros have to be super rustic and bare or overly bloated I do not know, but it took the Kiwi's to get it right! (No offense intended). This distro is based on what I always thought Linux was trying to accomplish - clean, fast, easy to use, and low on resources. Most mainstream distros I have tried far surpass Windows in bloat, resource requirements, and hardware requirements. Of the 30 or so flavors I have tried over the past year, this is so far my favorite by far! It runs as fast on my 1.7G P4 with 1Gb of ram as Windows 7 has on my dual core 2.2 machine with 4gb of ram.


Arvin Domingo
I love this distro so much! I have it installed on my Acer Aspire One D255E (2gb ram & 1TB HDD).. with compiz and emerald installed running smooth and uses less cpu and ram than any other ubuntu based xfce distros I have tested!


Shane Fisher
My Dad's old Dell Dimension 2400 was not taking to some of the other Distro's due to antiquated hardware issues so, I installed Linux Lite and he loves it. His machine runs 100 times faster and cooler than Win 7 plus for his small needs it fills the bill.


Todd Cormier

I just installed Linux Lite 32 bit in my house on 2 old laptops, 1 old PC (minecraft ready for the kids) and dual booted my Alienware Aurora with the 64 bit version and it's amazing! I've been trying different distros since 2003 and this is by far my favorite one. If I wasn't such a Flight Sim and Battlefield junkie, Windows would never see the light of day on my gamer PC again.


Steve Jeremiah

Have a pc that I built about 13 years ago. Slowest thing on earth when it comes to windows. Decided to try Lite on it to see if I could breathe some new life into it. Not disappointed at all!! All other distros other than this lagged and it even picked up my wireless without installing any drivers! That's a first for me lol. EXCELinux LiteENT WORK GUYS!


Dr. Vinay Kumar

I have been a linux user for many years now. I have had phases of distro-hopping, and have tried over 20 OS's, all told. I have a laptop with 4G RAM, but even with this amount of RAM, several distros were running a little laggy when multiple applications were open. I decided to try Linux Lite yesterday, and must say that there is no lag at all. Things are instantaneous, as they should be. I am very happy with your product, and thought I should write a few words of appreciation. Kudos! -- Vinay

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Only have mobile internet connections so installed Linux Lite 1.0.6 on VMP. Now it's my main operating system - although no longer quite so 'Lite' - 28 gigabytes and growing. Worked straight out of the box! The ONLY Linux distro out of 25 or so tried to achieve this. Congratulations.

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Tom Ford

I've got 2 old Dell computers from work (SX-260) each with 1 gb ram and a P4 cpu. I installed the 32 bit Linux Lite on them because Windows XP was painfully slow. Linux lite installed great and these old boxes are being used for surfing the web and other day to day computing.
I have been a Linux fan for 20 years and must say I'm so impressed with the new distro I am putting it on one of my home machines today. Another tidbit, everything on these boxes 'just worked' including Samba.
Thanks alot for a great OS keep up the great work.

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Hardware Database Submission

So far best out of box working distro I have tried on this laptop. Great Job!


Kevin D Hanning

Probably the most efficient, light and powerful Gnu Linux distribution out there. I've used it for over a year now, with nearly no issues and the creator/author of the OS is on hand for guidance and/or support. Let's see a Gates or Jobs type do THAT!!!


Joe Pratt

Linux Lite took me by surprise. I had heard of it but until a friend pestered me to try it I had never downloaded the ISO. I love how simple and clean Linux Lite feels and it's so quick even compared to other distros I've used. I may have a new favorite desktop distro here.



Just a quick comment about the resource utilization of Linux Lite 1.0.6. As I write this, I have the following applications running concurrently: Cherokee Web Server, Postfix Mail Server, MySQL DB Server, MySQL Workbench, Firefox Web Browser (16 tabs open), Seamonkey Web Browser, Openoffice Writer, Komodo Edit 8. Memory usage....602MB and they don't appear to swapping to disk all the time as I can switch between applications instantly. In my experience, this is extraordinary. I've no idea how you do it, but I'll point out that Linux Lite is also (for me) very stable. I've only had it crash once in a few months and I think that was my fault anyway. I'm running it on both a desktop and an old laptop with equal success. It even looks nice.

You've definately a good job with this distribution.



You guys have done an excellent job with this distro and now it supports some games and others with wine, I have actually installed Linux Lite on my old laptop and it works a treat, I will be keeping this installed as I also managed to install Photoshop CC with wine and a few other must use apps, I have no reason to change back to windows this time.


Ahad Shabbir

Hi Linux Lite Developers! I'm right now using your distribution, and I'm loving it!

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John Horton

I'm running Linux lite on AMD 1075t 6 core at 3.4 ghz and 16 gigs of ram and this os fly's.



Love this, so fast. A keeper for me.



Been using this since it was released on my old 2006 Dell Inspiron. I haven't had the desire to switch.



@LinuxLite Excellent!! Good on ya, mate!!! Such a great distro!

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Tony Lawrence

I've used lots of distros including Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, Debian and others and I really like Linux Lite. Distros like Gentoo and Arch are wonderful but are a bit of a pain to get going. Fedora is solid but goodness tracking down non free packages is a drag.

Linux Lite is fast and easy on system resources. There are other easy to use distros like Zorin and to a degree Elementary OS but Linux Lite is my personal choice. It may be aimed at new users but even those with Linux experience may enjoy it. Lubuntu, Puppy, Anti-X and others are wonderful as well but Linux Lite has a great look and ease of use.

Solid work Linux Lite team!


Simon Roberts

I don't have very much experience with Linux but I have tried a few (Ubuntu with Unity, Xubuntu, Mint 32 and 64 bit, Puppy) and this one is the best I've found. It's fast, has a small overhead and runs Ubuntu packages. I've been using it all day every day for months and it is very stable.

Most reviews I've seen of Linux focus on the appearance and functions of the OS rather than how it functions as a serious work tool. I'm less interested in that than I am in whether it is a workable business alternative to Windows.

This version of Linux has the same foibles as others (different levels of privileges, file permissions, file owners, fighting partition tables on installation) but I don't think that can be avoided until someone comes up with a full Windows replacement.

At the moment I am sticking with this version of Linux. It does everything that I need for business purposes, allows older hardware to be productive, is fast, is stable and of course it's free.

Recommended for small business owners.

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At the moment I think is the best lightweight XFCE distro based on Ubuntu (Debian). On my Intel IBM Thinkcentre (3.2 Ghz processor and 1.5 GiB of RAM ) Linux Lite is a pleasure.


Paul Stevens

Linux Lite support is just the best I had a problem I went on XChat for the first time, asked a question they all rallied round and in no time it was sorted out. Linux Lite is just simply the best it just works and works.


I have been searching for MY perfect linux for a long time, before broadband I bought magazines with distro's, now I download iso's after browsing distrowatch. Been using Linux Lite for a couple of weeks now and have ditched the others, apart from my beloved puppy, tried other Ubuntu variants but Linux Lite is built with skill, which shows in its speed and solidity, thanks to Valtam and all the devs.

Thank you folks for the excellent job on Linux Lite!! Keep it up!

I wanted to get back to a stripped down LTS with XFCE or Mate and settled into my various research projects without having to keep wondering when I'd have to reinstall - again.
Tried a few options but kept coming back to Lite.

Thanks to Valtam, and everyone else who helped create Linux Lite - it's a great distro. I am using the current version 1.0.6 and I really like.

Kurt Franklin
Going to have to say credit were credit is due - This is the fastest Distro I have ever seen - Well Done !

Rob Holley
Being a new Linux user, I've been through the gamut of Linux distributions. I am using an Asus EeePC 1000he and I have to say that the Linux Lite OS is hands down the best OS that I have installed on this netbook!

Thomas Celentano
After watching Spatry's review of Linux Lite I decided to give it a try. First I put it in Vbox and then I installed Linux Lite directly on my Dell XT2 with touch screen and it works great. I love it. It just works!!

Jim Saberton
Had the awesome privilege of Valtam dialing into my Linux Lite to help me with a NAS-share issue today!!
True community help! Thanks Valtam!

Charlie Barkin
Let us give some love to Linux Lite, this is one easy distro to use and understand. For me this distro feels light in my hardware. And I am beginning to like this. So if you want a distribution that is not bloated and easy on your hardware, go with Linux Lite, you won't be disappointed with the performance of your system.

Robert Allen Lowe Jr.
Finally a distro I can say I really like, there a few package that are out of date, but hey if every distro tried to attempted to keep every package totally up to date there would be a new version of most distro every week and it easy enough to update myself.

Jason Ryan Jack
I just wanted to say that this OS is the best I have ever used. My 3 and 1/2 year old computer runs better than when it was new. I am truly impressed with how simple to use Linux Lite is! I am currently using the 32 bit 1.0.6. I will be trying the 64 bit version here shortly. Thank you for all the awesome!

Tony Burgess
I just installed Linux Lite yesterday and was highly impressed. Good job on Wi-Fi even running it in live usb/DVD format. It works well right out of the box.
I like your tutorials section. You have lots of good how to and step by step advice.

Rubin Farr
Installed this baby on a DELinux Lite PRECISION | M65 and everything worked fine! Awesome job!
Now I don't have to use that sucky WINDOWS OS anymore.

Nazareth Maroto
d'best os ever, very lightweight and complete, I can now play World of Tanks in linux, without lags. and Steam Dota 2. Amazing.

Daniel de Sade
The best distro. Thanks!

Theodore Thorpe
Outstanding OS!

Am using and loving this os I literally just dumped 5 other distros after an hour on Lite.

If anyone is sick of Microsoft windows or Apple Mac, give @LinuxLite a try! It's a straight forward simple fast. FREE OS that just works!!

Pete Jones
@LinuxLite just installed your distro on 2nd hand Dell laptop and its flying. Good work!

I love it! I'm replacing Windows 7 with this. It runs everything I need to get my work done without the Windows bloat. Lots of nice games to play too.

This latest distro is absolutely fantastic!! I can't say enough about how easy it was to install and set things up.

I switched to Linux Lite yesterday. I have been a Ubuntu user since 2005 and finally I feel home again. This is the best linux distro I have ever used and I have tried all the big ones. How can I say this is the best after one day? The feeling, no bugs, beautiful :-)

I checked out the Linux Lite shop and ordered a USB drive with the 64bit version installed. Good distros like this deserve to be supported.

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