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Brother HLL2390dw install problem

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It does not look to be installed.
Example my sudo link -

--- Code: [email protected]:~$ sudo lpinfo -v
[sudo] password for bitsnpcs:
network beh
network ipps
network http
network https
file cups-brf:/
network ipp
direct usb://HP/LaserJet%20M101-M106?serial=VNC4G02127
direct hp:/usb/HP_LaserJet_M101-M106?serial=VNC4G02127
network lpd
network socket
direct hpfax

--- End code ---

You are fast. :-)

Can you change URI to direct usb

I had a HP OfficeJet installed before so there may be remnants of HP stuff in there.
I had the HP running for a couple years then did a install on new M.2 drive and has problems.
I had a low ink alarm and saw somewhere that an alarm would cause problems.I was tired of the "maintenance" cycles wasting ink so got this Brother laser.So far no so successful. :-)I tried changing to USB but don't know what to put there.

On the http link it says to look for the line with Brother in it, but your results do not have this line.
1/Does this command show the info you can enter -

--- Code: ---sudo lpstat -s
--- End code ---

2/The below link shows a workaround for "what is the device URI", on Brother printer, notice how the URI is structured differently, can you manually edit your URI to that structure ? -


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