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New Linux Lite Advocate

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New Linux Lite Advocate
« on: June 03, 2014, 02:58:28 PM »


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Greetings to all from a new fan of Linux Lite who wishes to share his enthusiasm for this OS with you all.
I have two laptops which would probably be considered under powered by comparison to some of the latest models, but they are in excellent condition, and with Linux Lite 2.0 installed they have found a new life.  First, I wiped the hard drive clean on the XP laptop, and installed Linux Lite.  Results were outstanding.  The other laptop has Win 7, and a higher capacity hard drive, so I am dual booting that one with Linux Lite.  Actually, I'm not dual booting much any more, I'm working almost entirely with Linux Lite.  This has been a most productive venture for me, and I expect that I will continue to feel that way for a long time down the road.  Thanks for reading my personal introduction to Linux Lite.

Re: New Linux Lite Advocate
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Welcome rmockler.

Don't know if you're new to Linux, or just to LL.  If new to Linux, you're discovering same things many of us did before you -- Linux isn't as hard to use anymore as it was 10-15 years ago and it also breaths new life into your perfectly good older machines.

My newest laptop is almost 4 years old and came with Windows 7.  I bought it a couple of months after I first started experimenting with Linux.  Installed Ubuntu 10.04 on it immediately as a duel-boot with Win 7.  I have only used Windows once a year since I bought the laptop -- tax time for using TurboTax program.  Have since installed Windows to a smaller spare laptop drive and only put that drive in the laptop at tax time.  Converted original large drive to only house Linux OS's.  My other new and old computers all have nothing but Linux on them.

Linux will take a little time to get the hang of and you're bound to run into some glitches along the way, but once you get the hang of it you may end up asking yourself why you didn't switch long ago.

Good luck and post here when you need help.
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Re: New Linux Lite Advocate
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Welcome Richard, great to have you with us.

Re: New Linux Lite Advocate
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Welcome to the Linux Lite Community! Enjoy using Linux Lite 2.0!

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Re: New Linux Lite Advocate
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Welcome to Linux Lite. May you enjoy your experience here...


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