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New Feather Logo

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Re: New Feather Logo
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Great wallpapers

Re: New Feather Logo
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Sick!! Amazing work!!  :)
Completely left Windows for Linux in July 2016.

New Feather Logo
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I tried playing with the iconic feather graphic, but got frustrated that it could not be isolated from its black background. The feather as it's used on the default wallpaper has a black halo, and it bugs me.

Since I'm a fan of the clean, minimal, flat look of material design, I created this new feather logo. I think it's more consistent with design aesthetic going forward. And I had in mind that the bent feather could imply the letter "L." So here are some ideas.

dark, gold feather, with text

light, blue feather, with text

gold feather with text and a subtle texture

blue feather alone, with texture

rotational symmetry, with subtle stripes

I built the feather in Inkscape, and compiled the wallpaper in GIMP. Obviously, many other variations are possible -- let me know if you're interested in seeing a particular twist on it. (I'm new here, so how do we say...: Please respect the work I've done by giving credit and by not creating derivative works without permission.  :D )

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