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Problems with apt-get/apt when installing or removing packages.alexander06_171284
install brave browser from terminal under limited accountMatthew Cohen61841
ACPI error while installing in my laptopwilliamjva24474
Install Updates Error logdelpap21689
Errors getting Updates diskrod32997
Installing over internetgrupobeta104161
gimp-plugin-registryEric Frederich21663
Password Invalid After Installkapdani12980
Iinstall LL directlDeikelein02864
USB Install and APT update 404 error...Kurt_R02471
Linux Lite 4.0, installed it last night, so far happy happykissbaby332005
A sad day for Linux Lite on my Asus laptop, but can it be fixed ? m65432132569
Tutorial: cloning your Linux Lite drive using the 'dd' command.m654321159349
filetype: binpe192021997
Software Disappears!jeanrouge01502
Installing RPM filesRiasat64677
Debian Package Installer freezes in latest 3.6 versionMohamedKhaled43563
Install Updates could not fetch the package cache information listspatric26384
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Download Linux Lite 5.2 today - See Release Announcements