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How about adding a native virtual keyboard to Linux Lite?

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I just recently had a minor problem with malfunctioning keys in my keyboard and my first instinct as a former/primarily Windows user was to look up for a virtual keyboard under the accessibility menu (then the general menu, then the Help Manual, then Linux Lite Software list), to no avail. I was later able to to install a virtual keyboard thanks to Moltke, who kindly took their time to guide me with a step-by-step installation tutorial through the terminal.

Maybe mine was an unusual issue, but it is my belief virtual keyboards are very a fundamental accessibility feature and should perhaps be shipped with the OS. In case a keyboard malfunctions it can be incredibly hard if not downright impossible to install a virtual keyboard through the terminal if one does not have temporary access to a spare keyboard and/or Internet access. As a matter of fact, as I've been discovering just how handy the terminal can be, I'm convinced a virtual keyboard may be even more valuable on Linux (Lite) than on Windows.

Just to be clear, though, I don't take for granted all the effort that goes into developing this and hope to come off as demanding. I understand it takes time and work to add a new program to an OS, to make it look and feel native and so on. More importantly, I totally understand the importance of a virtual keyboard is just my opinion, an opinion that comes from a very inexperienced user, no less. And if I'm the first one complaining, this is likely not a priority anyway.

Our approach is to one, be very selective about what we include - we need to stay lean and it's very easy to 'blow out' by including everyones suggestions. Two, the application must have wide appeal and usage. Good examples are a Text Editor, Task Manager, Calculator etc. A virtual keyboard would not be classed as an essential need for most users. Cheers.

That's totally understandable, Mr. Jerry. Accessibility features are, almost by definition, not of widespread use. Thanks for taking your time to reply anyway. Cheers!  :021:


Maybe not integrated has a feature, but having an official suggestion or even better having it in Linux Lite Software has a choice would be great!
Personnaly I use it a lot on login screens, force of habit from the Windows world I guess ;)

I'll consider the addition to Lite Software. It wouldn't hurt to have some Accessibility software within easy reach.

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