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How about adding a native virtual keyboard to Linux Lite?

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We shall be eternaly grateful O Great and Powerful One!   ;)

I'll consider the addition to Lite Software. It wouldn't hurt to have some Accessibility software within easy reach.

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Maybe not integrated has a feature, but having an official suggestion or even better having it in Linux Lite Software has a choice would be great!
Personnaly I use it a lot on login screens, force of habit from the Windows world I guess ;)

That's totally understandable, Mr. Jerry. Accessibility features are, almost by definition, not of widespread use. Thanks for taking your time to reply anyway. Cheers!  :021:

Our approach is to one, be very selective about what we include - we need to stay lean and it's very easy to 'blow out' by including everyones suggestions. Two, the application must have wide appeal and usage. Good examples are a Text Editor, Task Manager, Calculator etc. A virtual keyboard would not be classed as an essential need for most users. Cheers.


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