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How about adding a native virtual keyboard to Linux Lite?

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I just recently had a minor problem with malfunctioning keys in my keyboard and my first instinct as a former/primarily Windows user was to look up for a virtual keyboard under the accessibility menu (then the general menu, then the Help Manual, then Linux Lite Software list), to no avail. I was later able to to install a virtual keyboard thanks to Moltke, who kindly took their time to guide me with a step-by-step installation tutorial through the terminal.

Maybe mine was an unusual issue, but it is my belief virtual keyboards are very a fundamental accessibility feature and should perhaps be shipped with the OS. In case a keyboard malfunctions it can be incredibly hard if not downright impossible to install a virtual keyboard through the terminal if one does not have temporary access to a spare keyboard and/or Internet access. As a matter of fact, as I've been discovering just how handy the terminal can be, I'm convinced a virtual keyboard may be even more valuable on Linux (Lite) than on Windows.

Just to be clear, though, I don't take for granted all the effort that goes into developing this and hope to come off as demanding. I understand it takes time and work to add a new program to an OS, to make it look and feel native and so on. More importantly, I totally understand the importance of a virtual keyboard is just my opinion, an opinion that comes from a very inexperienced user, no less. And if I'm the first one complaining, this is likely not a priority anyway.


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