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[ ABANDONED ] DisplayPort/HDMI Sound output disapears randomly on boot / wakeup

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  • Linux Lite: 4.8 64bit

  • CPU: HAL9000

  • MEMORY: 2Gb

  • VIDEO CARD: Quantum State VR v.3

  • Kernel: 4.x

Audio comes from Intel i5-4xxx Graphics+Audio output on Display Port-to-HDMI cable.
No straight HDMI on PC, just DisplayPort is available.

I don't know how much an issue this is since it's my first time using an Intel CPU's graphics with HDMI audio from a displayPort (if the later matters) but...Randomly, Linux Lite stop "seeing" the HDMI "sound card" on boot or waking up from sleep.I tried unplugging the HDMI and plugging it back in to no avail when this happens.
Most of the time I can use the standard audio jack with headphones but when I need speaker output, have to reboot.
Maybe theres a "software" / terminal way to reset audio outputs?
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- TheDead (TheUxNo0b)

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Download Linux Lite 5.4 Final today - See Release Announcements