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[ HELPFUL TIP ] The Easy Way To Reset Printer Canon Pixma MP237

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The Easy Way To Reset Printer Canon Pixma MP237
« on: February 05, 2017, 12:17:56 AM »


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How To Reset Canon Pixma MP237

Step 1: making the printer into service mode

Before you reset the first step to do is to make the printer canon into service mode. With the condition of service mode then the process will go smoothly. Here are the easy steps into service mode:
Turn off the printer by pressing the power button, if your printer's condition was still alive.
Press the STOP/RESET when the condition of the printer is dead. Then press the power button together with button STOP/RESET.
Off the pressure button STOP/RESET and hold pressure on the power button.
On the position of the power button still depressed, you should also compensate by pressing the STOP/RESET until 6 times then release simultaneously with the power button.
If you are right in conducting the stage above to reset Canon Pixma MP237, your computer detects a new device if the service mode process successfully. Conversely, if the process fails then the detection will not appear.

Step 2: Reset Printer Canon Pixma MP237
Get Tools resetter Canon Pixma MP237 here, in advance.
Start doing with ordered software resetter Canon MP237
Extract and run the resetter MP237 by clicking 2 times flie Service tool URv3400.exe

1. Sub Tab Clear Ink Counter click Main

2. Sub Tab Ink Absorber Counter click main

3. Click the EPROM then printer will start printing a sheet of paper.

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