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Cloud Backup

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Cloud Backup
« on: July 11, 2018, 04:43:03 AM »


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Dear all - can anyone recommend a cloud backup provider / software that runs in Linux? I've been using Arq together with Amazon Web Services for my Macbook and OneDrive for my Windows machine. Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Cloud Backup
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Hi @hackneydave

Here are some alternatives to onedrive that can be used with linux:

Some are free, some cost money but up to you which you choose :)
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Re: Cloud Backup
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Have tried many...

I was just about to use SpiderOak

then found

So will be testing this out soon,

I wanted a "Zero Knowledge" solution,
and I want to leave all my files and folders in there original locations, and control what gets backed up,
not have to create any folders for files to backup or share

Also a key thing for me is "Sync"
Certain files/folders sync across all my devices so I always have latest version regardless of which device I go to

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Re: Cloud Backup
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Re: Cloud Backup
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I use pCloud It's designed for cloud backup and file synchronization. It offers a desktop app for Linux, Windows, and Mac, and it also has Android and iOS apps (see more info about that here

If you prefer, you can simply access it via the web browser instead, which is what I do.

A basic plan is free (this is what I use - I only use it to shuttle files back and forth between my phone and computer), but if you're needing to store more than 10G then you would need to get a paid plan. The plan pricing seems quite reasonable for the amount of storage you get.

I can't comment on how good the Linux desktop app is, because I always access it through my browser instead. I don't use pCloud for proper file syncing or for long term storage like you're seeking to do, although it's certainly designed for those things. It's definitely worth looking into.
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Linux Lite 4.4 RC1 has been released. See the Release Announcements section for more information.