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Bugs would be something specific to Linux Lite...
Where something is working or no longer working correctly.
ClamAV as (are other packages) are maintained by other sources.
Posting a question in the support threads, as in this case software - support / other... Will most of the time be the preferred.
If it truly is a bug it can be moved then.

Other bugs could be something from Ubuntu or another, but  in most cases a question would be tested and confirmed prior to labeled as a bug.
Hope that helps

You know I came to the forum first to find out if anyone at all was getting the same response with clamav as I was.  How am I to know if it is a bug or not as I have been using Windows since 3.1.1.  Are we supposed to do all the research we can and exhaust all effort before coming to the forum to ask?  I would like to know.

Thanks for the help,

I assumed as much after doing some research, I am still new to Linux and was just asking a question.  I thought that is what the forum is for, and so what section should I have posted this question that would be good to know as I certainly don't want to piss y'all off.

I installed ClamAV in my VM.
After following just as one would via the Help Manual - I too have the version outdated message, I looked in the Synaptic repo which does list 103.6 as the latest, I'd assume a newer version would likely be available soon... 105.1 is the latest (not necessarily the next repo version).

** I see Jerry has posted and I say pretty much the same... Maintainers...  ;) [size=78%] [/size]

This is not a bug.

It's just telling you that a newer version from the vendor is available, but the Ubuntu maintainers have not kept pace. As long as your definitions are up to date, that's what matters.

Moved to correct Forum section.


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