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Computer will randomly disconnect from internet and cant be reconnected again


I recently installed LinuxLite 3.8 32bit on an old ASUS EeePC with an 1.60GHz Intel CPU and 1GB of RAM. I use that netbook for seeding a bunch of torrents, some of them very large. Unfortunately my computer disconnects itself apparently randomly from the internet (it shows that sign with the two unconnected plugs and the red X in the panel instead of the four stepped bars) and keeps me from uploading. This happens like every 48-72 hours. It didn't do that with the Windows10 OS I had installed before Linux.

Its very annoying, first because I havent found any way to reconnect the computer to the net without restarting it and second because because it then takes a really long time to get all the torrents going again.

When the computer is disconnected nothing I can do in the panel seems to have any effect, neither clicking the symbol nor disabling or re-eabling Wi-Fi does anything. I know the problem is the computer, not the router or ISP because my other laptop has no issues staying connected to the internet at all.

I have just restarted it once again, it showed good connection (three out of four bars) but when I tried to download updates I was told that the computer wasnt connected to the internet. And even if I restart the panel sometimes still shows the "disconnected" symbol and I have to restart a second time.

Does anybody know what the problem could be? Please ELI5, I am extremely new to Linux.


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