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This an appeal to those who would like to take part in a trial of Install Updates - the Yad version.

- Make a back up copy of /usr/scripts/updates-gui
- Copy the following contents into updates-gui

--- Code: ---#!/bin/bash
# Name: Linux Lite Updates
# Description: A GUI tool to easily install Updates in Linux Lite.
# Authors: Misko_2083, Jerry Bezencon, gerito1, Ralphy
# Website:

_APPNAME="Linux Lite Updates"                # Application name variable
_ICON="/usr/share/icons/Faenza/apps/scalable/synaptic.svg"     # Linux Lite icon variable
_UPDATES=$(mktemp /tmp/updateslist.XXXXXX)   # Updates log variable
_DATE=$(date +"%A-%d-%B-%Y-%T")              # Date variable
if [ ! -f "$_TMPU" ]; then echo "$_MYUPDUSER" > "$_TMPU"; chmod 600 "$_TMPU"; fi
_SVUSER=$(cat "$_TMPU")

# function remove temp files
rm_temp_files() {
rm -f $_SVUSER
rm -f $_TMPU
rm -f $_UPDATES
rm -f $_PLAIN
rm -f /tmp/updateslist.*

# function view, save update log
view_save_log() {
  _ANS=$(yad --center --borders=15 --question --image=logviewer --text-info --width="780" --height="400" --window-icon="$_ICON" --title=" $_APPNAME - Error log" \
                --button=gtk-cancel:1 --button="Save":0 --filename="$_LLUPDATES" 2>/dev/null); _OPT=$(echo $?)

    if [[ "$_ANS" =~ "Copy to clipboard" ]]; then
      sudo -u ${SUDO_USER:-$_SVUSER} xclip -selection c "$_LLUPDATES"
      xhost local:$_SVUSER > /dev/null 2>&1
      export DISPLAY=:0
      notify-send -i "$_NTFYICON" 'Updates Log copied to clipboard' "Go to and paste the log into a new or existing thread." -t 10000
      xhost - >/dev/null 2>&1; rm_temp_files; exit 0
    case $_OPT in
       0) szSavePath=$(yad --center --image=logviewer --borders=15 --title="    Save Updates Log" --width="600" --height="400" --file-selection --filename="/home/$_SVUSER/llupdates.log" \
                              --window-icon="$_ICON" --file-filter='*.log' --file-filter='All files | *' --save --confirm-overwrite 2>/dev/null)
           if [ "$?" -eq "0" ]; then sudo -u ${SUDO_USER:-$_SVUSER} cp "$_LLUPDATES" "$szSavePath"; rm_temp_files; else rm_temp_files; exit 0 ; fi ;;
       1) rm_temp_files; exit 0 ;;

# Check Internet access
if eval "curl -sk" >> /dev/null 2>&1; then :; else # Prompt ERROR internet connection check failed and exit
  yad --center --borders=15 --info --width="320" --height="120" --window-icon="$_ICON" --button=gtk-ok:1 --title="$_APPNAME" \
         --text="\n<b>Your computer is not connected to the Internet.</b> \n \nLinux Lite cannot check for Updates.\nPlease check your internet connection and try again.\n" --text-align center 2>/dev/null
  rm_temp_files; exit 0

# Kill off any package managers that may be running
if [ "$(pidof synaptic)" ]; then killall -9 synaptic; fi
if [ ! -z "$(pgrep gdebi-gtk)" ]; then killall -9 gdebi-gtk; fi

# start dialog - Ask for elevation, else exit
if [ $EUID -ne 0 ]; then
  yad --center --borders=15 --image=system-software-install --question --width="320" --height="120" --window-icon="$_ICON" --button=gtk-cancel:1 --button="Continue":0 --title="$_APPNAME" \
       --text="\nLinux Lite will now fetch the Updates list.\n\nClick <b>Cancel</b> to exit now or <b>Continue</b> to proceed.\n" --text-align center 2>/dev/null
   case $? in
      0) pkexec "$0"; if [ "${PIPESTATUS[@]}" -eq "126" ]; then rm_temp_files; fi; exit 0 ;;
      1) rm_temp_files; exit 0 ;;

if [ "$?" -eq "0" ];then
  # xclip check/ install
  if [ -z  "$(dpkg -l | grep -E '^ii' | grep xclip)" ]; then
    apt-get install xclip -y | yad --center --borders=15 --image=system-software-install --progress --pulsate --window-icon="$_ICON" --auto-close --no-cancel --width="320" --height="80" --title="$_APPNAME" \
                                       --text="Preparing... please wait...\n" --text-align center --no-buttons --skip-taskbar 2>/dev/null

# Repositories registered
_SLIST=$(grep '^deb ' -c /etc/apt/sources.list)
_SLISTD=$(grep -R --exclude="*.save" '^deb ' -c /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ | grep -c /)
APTUPDATE=$(($_SLIST + $_SLISTD)) # Total of repositories registered, this is approximated
apt-get update 2>&1 | tee "$_LLUPDATES" |
awk -v total=$APTUPDATE '/^Ign|^ Get/{count++;$1=""} FNR { if (total != 0){percentage=int (1000*count/total);print (percentage < 90?percentage:99),"\n#",substr($0, 0, 128) }; fflush(stdout)}' \
| yad --center --undecorated --borders=35 --progress --width="600" --text="Updating package lists...\n" --text-align center --window-icon="$_ICON" --title="Updating Software Sources - please wait..." --percentage="0" --no-buttons --skip-taskbar --pulsate --auto-close 2>/dev/null
    if [ "${PIPESTATUS[0]}" -ne "0" ]; then
        unset APTUPDATE; rm_temp_files; unset _UPDATES
        sed -i '1 i\===========================\
Install Updates Error Log\
Install Updates could not fetch the package cache information lists.\
Go to and paste the log below into\na new or existing thread for assistance.\n\
============ Log ===========\n' "$_LLUPDATES"
        sleep 4 | yad --center --borders=15 --image=error --progress --pulsate --window-icon="error" --auto-close --no-cancel --width="380" --height="80" --title="$_APPNAME - Error" \
                         --text="Errors occurred while fetching packages cache information lists.\n\n✔ Retrieving error log, please wait...\n" --no-buttons --skip-taskbar --text-align center 2>/dev/null
        view_save_log; exit 1

  # Creates a list in /tmp/updateslist
  apt-get --just-print dist-upgrade 2>&1 | perl -ne 'if (/Inst\s([\w,\-,\d,\.,~,:,\+]+)\s\[([\w,\-,\d,\.,~,:,\+]+)\]\s\(([\w,\-,\d,\.,~,:,\+]+)\)? /i) {print "Name: $1 INSTALLED: $2 AVAILABLE: $3\n"}' |
  awk '{print NR,":\t"$0}' > $_PLAIN
  sed '
  ' $_PLAIN >> $_UPDATES

  # Check for available updates; if none then remove /tmp/updateslist.XXXXXX and display up-to-date dialog
      if [  -z "$(cat $_PLAIN)"  ]; then
        rm_temp_files; unset _UPDATES
        yad --center --borders=15 --image=gtk-info --info --window-icon="$_ICON"  --width="260" --height="60" --title="  $_APPNAME" \
               --text="\nYour system is up to date.\n"  --text-align center 2>/dev/null
        exit 0

# Erase existing available info
dpkg --clear-avail
  rm_temp_files; unset _UPDATES; exit 0

# Call the yad dialog to show update list
yad --center --borders=15 --image=system-software-install --text-info --back=#eff1f4 --window-icon="$_ICON" --button=gtk-cancel:1 --button="Update Now":0 --title="  $_APPNAME" --width="760" --height="400" --fontname="Droid regular 10" --filename="$_UPDATES" 2>/dev/null
      if [ "$?" -eq "0" ];then
        # Continue script if no halt, remove tmp file and unset variables
        rm $_UPDATES; unset _UPDATES

#Begin upgrade
DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold" dist-upgrade -y  2>&1 | tee "$_LLUPDATES" |
awk ' BEGIN { FS=" "; total=1;end_download=0} /upgraded/ {total= $1 + $3;FS="[ :]" } /^Get:[[:digit:]]+/ {printf "#Downloading %s %s %s\n",$7,$(NF-1),$NF;print int(($2 - 1) * 100 / total);
fflush(stdout)} /^\(Reading / {if (end_download==0){print 100;fflush(stdout);end_download=1}} /^(Preparing|Unpacking|Selecting|Processing|Setting|Download)/ {print "#", substr($0, 0, 128); fflush(stdout)}' \
  | ( yad --center --undecorated --borders=35 --progress --width="600" --window-icon="$_ICON" --percentage="0" --auto-close --text="Downloading package(s)...\nThis may take a while.\n" --text-align center --no-buttons --skip-taskbar  2>/dev/null;
      yad --center --undecorated --borders=35 --progress --window-icon="$_ICON" --width="600" --text="Installing and configuring package(s)...\nThis may take a while.\n" --text-align center --no-buttons --skip-taskbar --pulsate --auto-close 2>/dev/null)

    if [ "${PIPESTATUS[0]}" -ne "0" ]; then
      sed -i '1 i\===========================\
Install Updates Error log\
Install Updates could not successfully download and install available updates.\
Go to and paste the log below into a new or existing thread for assistance.\n\
============ Log ===========\n' "$_LLUPDATES"
      sleep 4 | yad --center --borders=15 --image=error --progress --pulsate --window-icon="error" --auto-close --no-cancel --width="320" --height="80" --title="$_APPNAME - Error" \
                       --text="Errors occurred while updating. \n\n✔ Retrieving errors log. Please wait...\n" --text-align center --no-buttons --skip-taskbar 2>/dev/null
      view_save_log; exit 0

    # Halt updates script if user selects Cancel
       rm_temp_files; unset _UPDATES
       yad --center --borders=15 --image=info --info --width="300" --button=gtk-ok:1 --timeout="6" --window-icon="$_ICON" --title="   $_APPNAME" --text="\nUpdates have been canceled.\n" --text-align center 2>/dev/null
       exit 0

# If Ubuntu base package has been upgraded during Install Updates, /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-text/ubuntu-text.plymouth
llverprnt=$(awk '{print}' /etc/llver)

if grep -q 0x988592 "$checkdefplym"; then
  sed -i "s/^title=Ubuntu.*$/title=$llverprnt/g" /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-text/ubuntu-text.plymouth ;
  sed -i "s/black=0x2c001e/black=0x000000/g" /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-text/ubuntu-text.plymouth ;
  sed -i "s/white=0xffffff/white=0xffffff/g" /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-text/ubuntu-text.plymouth ;
  sed -i "s/brown=0xff4012/brown=0xffff00/g" /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-text/ubuntu-text.plymouth ;
  sed -i "s/blue=0x988592/blue=0x000000/g" /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-text/ubuntu-text.plymouth && update-initramfs -u |
  yad --center --undecorated --borders=35 --progress --width=600 --auto-close --pulsate --text="Updating boot configuration please wait...\n" --text-align center --no-buttons --skip-taskbar
    echo " "

    PROCEED=$(yad --center --borders=15 --question --image=logviewer --width="300" --height="80" --window-icon="$_ICON" --title="  $_APPNAME" --text-align center --window-icon="$_ICON" --button="No":1 --button="Yes":0 --text="\n$_APPNAME completed successfully.\n\nWould you like to view the\n$_APPNAME log?\n" 2>/dev/null ; echo $?)
    if [ ${PROCEED} -eq 1 ]; then rm_temp_files; :; else
      yad --center --borders=15 --question --image=logviewer --text-info --width="750" --height="400" --button="Close":1 --button="Save":0 --title="  $_APPNAME - Log" --filename="$_LLUPDATES" 2>/dev/null
        if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
          # Save report
          szSavePath=$(yad --center --image=logviewer --borders=15 --width="600" --height="400" --window-icon="$_ICON" --title=" Save Updates log" --file-selection --filename=/home/$_SVUSER/llupdates-"${_DATE}".txt --file-filter='*.txt' \
                              --file-filter='All files | *' --save --confirm-overwrite 2>/dev/null)
          sudo -u ${SUDO_USER:-$_SVUSER} cp "$_LLUPDATES" "$szSavePath"; rm_temp_files; else rm_temp_files; :
    if [ -s /var/run/reboot-required ]; then
        yad --center --question --image=gtk-info --borders=15 --width="300" --height="100" --window-icon="$_ICON" --button="Continue using my computer:"1 --button="Restart Now":0 --title="  Linux Lite Updates" --text-align center \
               --text="These updates require the system to be restarted\nfor the changes to take effect.\n\nWould you like to restart now?\n" 2>/dev/null
        if [ "$?" -eq "0" ]; then reboot; else exit 0 ; fi

exit 0

--- End code ---

My thoughts:

- I think the progress windows look a lot nicer.
- Dialogues automatically adjust according to what text is inside aiding in readability.
- Yad allows for much more scripting options which translates to more features for our applications.

Trial will last as long as you are happy to run this version of Install Updates.

Looking forward to your feedback and opinion. :)

Wonderful!  Thank you @misko_2083, @Jerry, @gerito1, and @ralphy!

Installed the YAD script and ran it this morning. Worked flawlessly. I would slow the blue sliding progress bar down a bit. It goes back and forth so fast on my machine that it's almost annoying, and given LL is aimed at Windows converts who are used to slower moving things involving such processes I think it moves a bit too fast. I do think it meets the criteria of some recent user requests here on forum involving updates. Looks good.

It fits to XFCE well. The best looking GUI for updates progress I've ever seen is the Debian 8/9 Gnome DE. It shows each package seperately and the progress of each each package during download and installation. As I said already this is well suited for an XFCE distro though, and Windows converts.


Thank you TC, unfortunately there's no way to slow down the blue sliding progress bar. We could however look at changing it from pulsating to progress, but that's extremely tricky and hard to get right.

Thank you Jerry and the other contributors to the Yad version of the Updater.

I am one of those LL users who have been experiencing the Blank update window using the Zenity version of Updater.  Yesterday all seemed OK but today I got another blank update window and cancelling and  trying a second time did not solve the blank window problem (even though I could open the updates.txt file in /tmp folder and see the updates available both times!).

So this evening I followed Jerry's instructions above and everything worked exactly as shown in the pictures above.  I would also make the same comment as Trinidad about the blue bar which seemed somewhat jerky on my older machine but still moved fast.  I wonder whether you even need the blue bar at all as the letters were always changing quickly during the whole process (except at the beginning of the download phase when there is usually a pause of 2-3 seconds and the blue bar was absent anyway).

Anyway I am going to keep the Yad Updater on my LL 3.6 until the next version of LL and will report back if any problem arises.

Thanks again.


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