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Thanks @DenW. Much appreciated :)

I did what you said about setting up the Yad version. I did it on one machine and not the other, so I could have a direct comparison of the end effect.

OK, here are my notes - it's a mixed bag because some things I feel are a big improvement and others could use a little work. I made these notes as the updates happened so they are in order of what happens first in the process to what happens last.

1. The first progress bar on "checking for updates" is too fast and flashy, making it too distracting. I prefer the old progress bar in that regard. An alternative fix would be a rotating icon or something else that would show that "something is happening" without distracting the user too much.

2. Going to the Linux Lite updates window (the list of the names of what packages will be updated) - the window opens in the top left of the screen. It's fine there, but I had expected it to be in the middle of the screen. However, top left is good if you're in the middle of working since it doesn't get covered up behind your work. So, initially I was surprised by this change but upon reflection I think it is a good choice on your part.

3. The "downloading packages" progress bar is nice. It's much better than the old version as it has a more modern look. And since it's a continuous progress bar and not a flashy back-and-forth one, it's also not distracting like the first progress bar in point 1.

4. At the "installing and configuring packages" stage, we have the same issue as in point 1 (bar flashing fast left to right). I love the look of the status text inside of the progress bar though - it's a nice touch.

OK, that was my feedback. Overall, I like it, the only thing I didn't like was flashing back-and-forth progress bars which I feel could be better served with something like a rotating icon. That's just my personal opinion though and is a matter of personal taste - different people may feel differently about that. I do very much like the overall look, and I appreciate the time and effort that's gone into making the new update process look a) modern in style and b) cohesive to the rest of the system.

Thank you for your feedback Vera, much appreciated.

2. - the window opens in the top left of the screen.

The Yad version is not set up to do this. Please run this a few more times when updates become available to verify.

Hi Vera/Jerry:  I believe the "problem" of the updates window opening in the top left of the screen is related to the XFCE Setting >Windows Manager Tweaks>Placement where a slider determines the window size for smart placement.  The updates window is usually much larger than the other windows that open during the updates process and would trigger the observed placement unless the slider is say 2/3rds over to the right where I usually put it - I prefer all my windows to open in the center.

I can tell Yad to center all windows. I'll place an update soon.


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