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Installing Avidemux 2.6.8

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Installing Avidemux 2.6.8
« on: October 14, 2014, 11:00:45 AM »


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Ever since I changed from the Mac environment to Linux, I have been wanting to find a simple and quick way to save video snippets from video files that I have (avi, mov, mp4, mkv).

Is there anyone out there that actually does this with any success? On the Mac I used MPEG Streamclip with great success. I have been trying to install the latest Avidemux with no success. I tried compiling it from their website. I have also tried installing from ppa when I searched google. Doesn't work.

I am using Linux Lite 2.0. I just want a simple and straightforward way to select snippets from a video file and save those snippets to my HD.

I have tried the following:

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avconv -i input.mkv -ss 00:27:20 -t 00:33:40 -c copy output.mkv

This works but I am not sure what would be a quick way to scrub the video so I could quickly identify the start and end markers. Right now I am using VLC player to search for what I want to mark. Pretty cumbersome. Is there an easier way?

Thanks so much!

Re: Installing Avidemux 2.6.8
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Hello rmcellig,

you can use VLC to record, and also make your own templates in it for commonly used tasks, example I made a flv to mp3 one in the past.



Linux Lite 5.0 Final is now available for download and installation