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Better wireless support in Linux Lite 4.x?

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Better wireless support in Linux Lite 4.x?
« on: August 14, 2019, 02:26:12 PM »


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Hi all,
Just to check around and inform people also.I had some wireless problems on Linux Lite 3.8 on one of my PCs for some time.Nothing I couln't manage of work around since the main problem was when streaming videos over the local network.The playback, distorted every few seconds (big gray compression blocks) and cut sometimes. For network streaming, default Mediaplayer was worse, VLC better and Parole Media Player was best "speed wise" but had weird 1-2 colors borders around video, so, uninstalled.
When the files were copied and played locally, everything was fine.

The PC is has an i5 CPU/GPU and the culprit is Wireless PCIe card called the Ralink RT3090
Installing the Windows 7 x64 drivers with ndiswrapper made the "cutting" stopped and distortion happened less frequently but was still a pain.
Note : I originally used the ndis-gtk GUI but finally had to do driver install in terminal otherwise PC could not connect to WiFi network, i.e. tried and timed out after 20/30 seconds.

But then... I decided to install 4.4, for other reasons. ;)
With the default installation, to my surprise, the network playback never cut and distortion happens very rarely now, to the point of saying it could be my network lagging.

In the final scenario, I ended up using VLC because Default MediaPlayer had some 3-4 seconds delay when start a video in network playback.

So 4.4 it is. It could just be because of the different Kernel version but... has anyone else had a better wireless experience in 4.x?
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Linux Lite 5.0 Final is now available for download and installation