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ok. Now it seems to get to the blob thing screen.  The status bar goes all the way and then it just sits there. Does this take a while or is it freezing again?


Perhaps a way to boot the LL LiveCD in 'safe mode' might be useful to some folks out there. On MOST Ubuntu flavors, pressing the cursor up/down key will let you eyeball at least SOME of the boot process...


Wanted to add to this for anyone else having this issue.

This is on a Dell Optiplex 745 w/ Core 2 Duo.
Downloaded Linux Lite 64bit 1.0.8 and first made a Live USB with YUMI, which when booting up to it did this freezing issue just before going into the desktop.
Then out of curiosity I re-made my Live USB with a different utility, Linux Live, and it went straight into the desktop like it should.
Maybe the different utilities make a different drive system or something, I don't know. So anyone else having this issue at least try a different utility or two.

P.S. I also tried UNETBOOTIN but it hung at the Start Linux Lite menu.


I, too, have had some issues installing LL using YUMI. It's not really LL's fault. Some distros just don't seem to like being a part of the YUMI multiboot environment, that's all.

On the other hand, I HAVE had good results using LL with LiLi (Linux Live USB). There, it's the only OS on the stick. I know I'm sounding like a broken record as I say this, but it REALLY IS important to verify the hash on ANY ISO download before installing it.

For example, on my Compaq Presario 2500, LL puked with an I/O error when I tried to use the wireless card to download updates during the install. If I installed LL first and THEN installed the wireless card and did updates, it was fine. On another old Compaq, I get Python errors importing GPG keys - they all need to be fixed manually. This leads me to believe that some issues can be machine-specific...


Folks, see here for installing LL to media. We only endorse the listed methods and even state not to use unetbootin. Cheers.


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