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Display With Horizontal White Bars

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I've seen that condition with faulty cabling, can you try another cable or connection type (HDMI, VGA or DVI).

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Larry Stehno:
This is an All-In-One PC so there are no external video cable connections.  This same problem shows up on two different PCs of the same model so it is unlikely to be a connection problem and is an inherent system problem with this model.  What about the video driver? How do I either roll it back to an earlier version or find one developed for Linux?  Thanks,

Experiment with your screen resolution. White bars are from mismatched horiz/vert combinations. When your find one that works then you can change it to stay preferred from the grub console.


Larry Stehno:
I went through all the alternative resolutions and none fixed the problem.  Thanks for the suggestion.

What is the output of:

--- Code: ---inxi -G
--- End code ---


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