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Display With Horizontal White Bars

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Larry Stehno:
Here is the video data for my PC

Known buggy hardware and no bugfix.
Run: lscpu
Doubt that CPU is Sandybridge which would mean driver is mismatched.
Could try though risky to change refresh rate to 75mghz. 16/9 is correct.


Sorry for not helping much. I used to have a lot of Sandybridge stuff around the shop and the buggy stuff was HP with lower end CPUs and less than 4G of RAM. I think the monitors were LED backlit not LCD. With Ubuntu 16.xx the Dells with better CPUs would tell you in the settings (gnome) details section: Intel Sandybridge Desktop and they were the ones that had no trouble with the kernel and GPU. HP will just tell you 5ms as far as refresh rate because extra fb stuff is just wasted and not displayed anyway on LED backlit stuff. Anyway 60mghz is default. The lower end CPUs bottle necked the Sandybridge graphics anyway.

Anyway you may want to try out some other display settings.



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