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Can't turn off NUMLOCK on TP G41 -- XP doesn't have this problem! Should Linux?


I've got 16 IBM ThinkPad G41s running Ubuntu beautifully, for many years. They have either Bios v1.11 or v1.16, which are slightly different in their options for the NUMLOCK function.

Long story short, none of the option choices for the NUMLOCK key on either of these Bios versions allows the NUMLOCK setting to be changed from ON to OFF in Linux Lite--it's just stuck ON!  Maybe the xnumlock command would turn it off, but it's not installed and in any case I can't type that name successfully on my system in order to install it!

Unlike some others, I can't push SHIFT to obtain the desired characters either. C'mon folks! This is no time for Linux to be frustrating new XP refugees with tiny but tragic flaws that nobody can overlook! The keyboard has just got to work the first time, or we'll lose tons of potential converts!

By the way, the 1st virtual terminal is always flooded with capital Us with an accent on top on my computers too. That won't impress XP refugees either!


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