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If you select your language during the installation of Linux Lite for example German, it will display the install dialog as German.
As soon as you boot into your first desktop, menus etc will still be in English. To complete your language installation do the following:

* Menu, Install Updates
* Menu, Settings, Language Support
* You will be prompted to 'Install' some additional translations, select Install and enter your password. This may take a while as it has to download language packs for programs like Gimp, Thunderbird and LibreOffice.
* Next, drag your language to the top of the list on the Language tab, click on the Apply System Wide button.
* When that has finished logout and then login again. Voila! Language Support installed.

Hello Valtam,
I installed Linux Lite 2.0 in my VirtualBox. It is a very nice distro. But I have the Problem to change the language to German.  I followed your Instruction - but it didn't work. Your pictures are showing the german menu.
But at me it is still english. On my PC I use different distros - openSuSE, Ubuntu, Linuxmint etc. Everywhere it was possible to change the language. But with Linux Lite it  is a problem.
I would like to install Linux Lite on a Laptop of a friend - but completely in german.
Many thanks for your help and greetings olafbiker

Hello olafbiker, during install just choose US settings. After a fresh install, use these more detailed instructions -

Many thanks Valtam, meanwhile I found my mistake. In the window - Language Settings - Installed Languages I deleted the Language 'English'. I made this to be sure - but this was wrong. After this the language of the System Menu was in German. Many Thanks Olaf 


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