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Where are the wallpapers stored?

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Where are the wallpapers stored?

I want to delete some of the wallpapers I do not like so that I can have auto wallpapers with the remaining.

Anyone know? Thanks

Wallpaper files are stored in /usr/share/backgrounds/xfce

Using your file-manager, browse to that folder, right-click in a space and choose "open as administrator".

Then you can right click on any image and delete.

When finished close the file-manager so you come out of administrator mode.

@DeepThought  A very nice non- ("geeky-linuxy") answer. You and @firenice03 give good simple answers to beginner questions all the time here. Much appreciated.


@trinidad  Thank you, I always think (without dumbing-down too much) the simpler the answer the greater chance people will remember the info.

 With the powers that be frowning more and more on opening folders and files as root, they tend to forget the simple things that can be achieved, Without administrator mode this could have been a lot more complicated and dangerous in a terminal. :)

Yes, it means I have to open a root terminal always forget how to do this.

I know first open a terminal then sudo su - eneter password then I am root then I have to type in the Files but forget what this program is?

Let me know if you know the name I think it begins with N??? four letters?

Then one time I could change a folder but cannot find this feature anymore.

I suppose I can do all this in a root terminal.


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