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Where are the wallpapers stored?

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--- Quote from: trinidad on January 26, 2020, 10:49:21 AM [email protected]  A very nice non- ("geeky-linuxy") answer. You and @firenice03 give good simple answers to beginner questions all the time here. Much appreciated.


--- End quote ---

Thank you!! And Thanks to you for your contributions @trinidad on these forums!!!

I agree with @DeepThought -- easy responses, more questions, less apprehensions more comfortably using something that's different yet the same... 

Thanks for that I now have wallpapers changing every 2 minutes and only the best and including the Windows 10.

I  set it on random but I think it hates Windows 10 as it has not appeared so far. It is the first in the list so it might start first on a reboot.

Thanks all for your help. If anyone wants the procedure I will post it. I have written it down so I can add it to the setup for users.


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