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thanks @Serban S. and @Jerry

I did a full reinstall and all is now fine, but will duly note your posts for in the future.

Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: landfill76 on November 01, 2022, 03:48:08 AM ---[...] I cannot find the wallpapers in the /usr folder [...]
--- End quote ---

Have you tried this?

--- Code: ---/usr/share/xfce4/backdrops/
--- End code ---

Best regards! :)

apt download lite-themes

then extract with Archive Manager.

Hello all,

Upgraded to 6.2 and it has seemed to go smoothly.

Not sure if it was something I did before the upgrade, but I cannot find the wallpapers in the /usr folder, and I was interested to see what the new wallpapers included with LL 6.2 looked like.

Is there anywhere to download the wallpapers, or a tool in LL to grab them? Slight  Edit/Update: I found in the xfce4 folder, I do not have the backdrops folder, I do not want to reinstall really just to see the new wallpapers, really hoping there is a way I can download and extract them?

Cheers all,

All are interesting in their context, but only this one didn't make a good impression on me: the third wallpaper. from top to bottom: ( ) :54:


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