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Wallpapers for Series 6.x


We're looking for public wallpaper submissions for Series 6.x

There can only be 14 wallpapers (excluding the Linux Lite branded wallpapers). The criteria is simple.

- Make sure they are of a similar high standard as previous Series, that will be your guide.

- Minimum size to be 1920 x 1080.

- jpg or png only.

- Should be generic, no personal taste, eg. if you love parrots, don't send me a parrot wallpaper.

Please put them in this thread, thank you. Happy hunting :)

Amazing response!!

16 of these will be added. Instead of a 'vote for' lets do a vote against. Tell me which ones you don't want included.

very nice

All are interesting in their context, but only this one didn't make a good impression on me: the third wallpaper. from top to bottom: ( ) :54:


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