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--- Quote from: Jerry on March 10, 2020, 06:44:41 PM ---
--- Quote from: misko_2083 on March 10, 2020, 08:54:07 AM ---Are the images original work of the author?
There is a Samsung Galaxy M10 stock wallpaper in there
Runing all the images through the reverse image search gets a lot of results:

--- End quote ---

Samsung? I'm sure they won't mind. Just like Apple didn't mind when Samsung copied the iPhone originally.
I was going to submit my own, but they are kinda amateurish...

--- End quote ---
Well all the Apple products were stolen from the MIT graduate students, so...payback time. :)
You beautiful work remind me of a comic book my nephew is making. The same drawing style.I think he named it Failman.  ::)

Jerry is also "un artiste", who knew! ;)

To be more constructive... for the wallpapers, I would suggest adding at least one that is "Dark Theme".
The suggested wallpapers are all "high-contrast" and colourful but can clash with desktop icons in some cases.

We have dark LL walls on the way. They are finished and ready to be deployed. But for now, no peeking!

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Awww, darn it!

wee bump


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