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Find the where wallpapers are located


What Artim said.

I always add my own wallpaper folder each time I do a new install. I still occasionally use a wall from LL 1.0.6 that is no longer in the default walls.

I second looking at the help manual. Lots of questions are answered there.

The help manual shows where the default location is and how to add pictures to the collection.

Open the Help Manual.  Click 'customize' and scroll down a little to 'Desktop Settings Basics'

You can tell Linux Lite where to take wallpapers from. I keep my other wallpapers in /Pictures/Wallpapers (a new folder I created within Pictures) and simply choose that folder from which to select my wallpapers.

I would like to add my own wallpapers but not lose the Linux Lite ones
I would like to customise it a little bit too hard my own

Thank you


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