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unable to use" Install driver" app to install drivers.

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The Repairman:
5.4.0 series kernel was the last kernel to support  the proprietary nvidia driver version 340.108.

I have a several nvidia graphics cards that work with the nouveau opensource driver however really need the  the proprietary nvidia driver version 340.108.

There is a PPA that can be downloaded however I don't know how well it is maintained and I don't know if Linux Lite forum policy / rules allow postings of such PPAs.

Mike Iwantprivacy:
Ok, I will try reporting this again in a different way since I don't think my previous post was understood.

This is a software issue. Not hardware.

After installing LL 6.2 I am unable to use the "settings"  - "Install driver" application to install the proprietary drivers for my system.
In LL 5.8 this worked.

Running "install drivers" would list both the "Nouveau" open source nvidia driver, and the proprietary nvidia driver version 340.108.

However In LL 6.2 I get the result  "No proprietary drivers found."

The Install 6.2 uses the Nouveau drivers by default.

Unfortunately along with poor performance in some tasks, I have found the Nouveau drivers are not very stable and cause video corruption in some simple applications like the system monitor.


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