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Dave Bruwer:
Hi There.
I am new to Linux, I installed it onto an old laptop.

When I select the highest display resolution (1360 x 768), everything is still quite HUGE on the screen.
It feels like the address bar in my web browser is almost half way down the screen!
(maybe I am just used to my work laptop that has a 1920 x 1080 display)

Is there any way to force the display to make everything smaller?
Surely it is not a hardware limitation, because when I zoom out on a webpage (by pressing Ctrl and -) the content gets smaller, but nothing looks funny.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Dave Bruwer:
Okay I found something that helped a little.

Under settings -> Appearance -> Fonts, there is an option to set a custom DPI setting.
If I lower the DPI number the size of certain menus etc. become smaller.

Settings -> Hardware -> HiDPI Settings


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