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Old Onboard Graphics and Linux Lite

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Adding to this (but not really usefull ;) )
I do not know is it was a bug of Microsoft's doing but I had a GeForce 6150SE computer last month and was slow as a blind snail with a broken walking cane.
Machine was on W10 and strangely, it worked fine several months ago.
Maybe the Specter/etc. patches broke something... I remember I had to wipe/reinstall with an older linux because W10 had troube even booting from install media  :o .  Don't remember which Linux version though. When the machine had Windows 7, it was faster then any Intel equivalent based machine I had... doubly-strange.
Forced/Planned obsolescence maybe. 8)

The Repairman:

Thanks @burrezo !
And if you created a Linux Lite account just for this... double thanks! ;)

Hi mdiemer

You can try somthing like this: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?p=1924354#p1924354

I have discovered that the driver, Nvidia 304, simply is not supported beyond Ubuntu 16. This from the Nvidia forum, so that's pretty authoritative. I was able to attempt installation of the 32bit driver on LXLE 32 bit (based on Ubuntu 18), using the tutorial mentioned above. got to the tty1 shell and got the Nvidia installation wizard going, but it failed. So, these old 6150SE graphics will only use Nouveau drivers, which unfortunately don't appear to be adequate.

The good news is that Lite 3.0 does allow Nvidia drivers, and is working fine, so I have a year or so of support on it. I'll update to 3.8. As for my other systems, I'm not sure what I'll do but for now I'm back to Lite 3 as my daily driver. May put it on my SSD so it will be faster to boot.


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