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Old Onboard Graphics and Linux Lite

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Update: Just had a display freeze, but on Zorin 15, not LL 3. Zorin has Nouveau drivers, where LL has Nvidia. Guess I'll have to try to install the Nvidias on Zorin. If it works on Zorin, I will try LL 4.0 and see if I can get them working there as well. Zorin and Linux Lite are my two favorites distros, by the way. Both are keepers. If I fail. I'll either have to resign myself to using distros based on 16.04, where I can install Nvidia 304, or use 32 bit system. Or break down and get a new video card.

Well, the latest on this: I was playing around with different combinations of memory sticks, and the latest thing I tried is 6-GB (2 X 2-GB + 2 X 1-GB). and suddenly things are working better. I have Lite 3.0 64 bit up and running, no display freezes yet. Also have Zorin 15 Lite 64 bits going, same thing. So I'm wondering if I had a bad memory stick If so, it was one of the 2-GB ones, and it's not in the computer now. (All that turning of the on/off switch in back of the computer wore it out, however, so I had to put in the original 300W power supply. Which is OK as this rig is pretty basic now, no add-in cards and just two drives hooked up).


which leads to:


Ctrl+F 6150SE

Table says:  The 304.xx driver supports the following set of GPUs:


--- Quote from: trinidad on January 29, 2020, 10:32:58 AM ---Are you sure the machine was Vista 32bit originally? Just because the OEM graphics card control interface was 32bit does not mean the OS was 32bit. I'm sure you could get the video driver and card interface to work on Debian 9 64bit as I know others who have, which means: there must be an Ubuntu resource somewhere that explains how to do it on Ubuntu.

Perhaps this one: Hint: use the manual method.


And/or the Debian method may help you understand the process better.


If your hardware is the one showing in your profile it would be a shame to install a 32bit OS.



--- End quote ---

I checked out the threads you posted. I tried them on Zorin and LXLE. The auto method did not work, got the same message (dependencies, held broken packages). Looking at the manual install, I may give that a try. However, currently I'm thinking about your last remark, about it being a shame to use 32 bit on a 64 nit system. So I'm going to put those last 2 GB of ram back in (8 GB is the max for this mobo), and try a 64 bit install. (Keep in mind that I do have the nvidia 304 driver up and running in Lite 3.0 32-bit, hopefully I can get it working in Lite 64-bit. On the other hand, maybe 64-bit system with Nouveau drivers will be fine).

Another issue in play here is the browser. I like Vivaldi, it's fast and easily customizable, highly intuitive. IMO the best browser on the planet. I have as I said turned off everything that may affect performance. That seems to have helped.

One of the display crashes on LL 3.0 32-bit was while using the terminal. Maybe that would not happen with 64 bit. I'll keep you posted.


--- Quote from: DeepThought on January 29, 2020, 09:38:14 AM [email protected]  If your intention is to stick with 32 bit then you can use lite-upgrade to upgrade to Linux Lite 3.8, but the Linux Lite 4.x series is 64 bit only.

--- End quote ---

Thanks. I know 3.x is supported for about 15 months, that's why I chose it. I did not know that 4.x was 64 bit only. doesn't mean I can't use it, perhaps I will figure out how to make this work with 64 bit. Actually, I don't know for a fact that it won't; I'm just assuming 32 bit is safer. but that may not be true. This is all by way of experimenting anyway.


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