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Nvivida card not found after upgrade

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--- Quote from: Valtam on March 23, 2014, 12:38:41 PM ---What video card do you have?

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onboard is Intel 82845G.  But the BIOS gives a choice of "Auto" or "onboard".  It is set to "Auto" else this Intel chip will be used (and I do not like the intel chip). With "Auto" if there's another graphics adaptor in a PCI slot the PCI graphic card should be used.

In a PCI slot is Nvidia GeForce FX 5200. This is what I want to use and it seems LL looks but isn't finding it(?)

What video card do you have?


--- Quote from: Valtam on March 22, 2014, 10:40:37 PM ---What connection to your monitor are you using, hdmi, vga, dvi etc?

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the monitor has all those sockets but i use the vga.

the error message is like - nvidia interface not found.

The pc has an onboard video and sometimes that can confuse Linux maybe? But it was working fine till i tried to upgrade the driver via  apt-get install

i have the bios set to not use the onboard card which is terrible.

dual boot XP works OK as I mentioned.

A live CD disk LL 1.08 boot with "start LL in safe graphics mode"  boots to a usable good looking desktop. but not going F7 and just doing default boot option  then the live disk boots to as black/blank screen just like the installed on hard drive LL 1.06.

I've tried reinstalling the driver. Maybe unadvisedly I saw a web page showing "Edge" repository with latest and greatest drivers and more...kernel too and I did that whole thing - no luck though.

Last resort I will wipe and reinstall LL completely if nothing fixes, but not until I try any recommendations first.

Thank you for time.

What connection to your monitor are you using, hdmi, vga, dvi etc?


I'm going from (my brainís) memory since I can't really boot LL 1.06 now. I got a new monitor, a Neovo F-419. Dual booting XP and XP works OK with new monitor. When I booted LL the resolution was very low (icons were huge) and it worked but so big it was unusable. I have nvivida card so went into nvivida settings to increase resolutions but got a message within nvivida settings that it could not do that and said I should upgrade driver. I went into Synaptic and saw i was using driver 173 ver. I saw nvidia current as 304 and checked/installed that.  LL booted to black/blank screen, I did see a message at some point while booting that nvidia video adapter was "not found".

I then rebooted into recovery mode with most recent I have kernel: 3.2.0. 60 generic-pae . I then tried "Drop to root shell" to maybe reinstall or try another nvidia driver, or something to fix(?). But when I did that it says "Give root password for Maintenance (or type Control-D to Continue):". Password or anything I've tried does not work here, cntrl-D just takes me back to recovery menu.

I'm at a dead end. What can I do?



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