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Nvidia G84M 8600M Dell Inspiron 1720 freezing screen when using Firefox.


Mike Iwantprivacy:
I have the same info, any tips on how you got things working?
I have installed the nvida 340.108 drivers..

Updated the Nvidia driver!

I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 with a Nvidia G84M 8600M graphics card.

The screen will freeze as soon as I use Firefox and navigate to the BBC website.

The mouse pointer does not freeze, but nothing else works.

This happens on every other Linux distro, except for Deepin with  "select the option to update the graphics driver" while installing.

I suspect that I need to update the graphics driver.

I have tried to install Linux Lite without and with the additional drivers, but this does not solve the issue.

I have tried 5.6 and the current 5.8 Beta.

Please help!


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