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Nouveau driver works better than in Ubuntu, how could it be possible?


Thank you :)

Thank you very much for your answer. However, despite my first impressions, I finally get a crash (desktop freezes) using nouveau with acceleration. In Linux Lite it seems to be a bit more stable than in Ubuntu, but I still get this problems (that it is really a problem of nouveau with old nvidia graphic cards).

Thanks and congratulations for your distro. I think it is really clean and elegant  ;D

Although we are based off Ubuntu, we only use a handful of packages from which to build from. The rest of the operating system is built very carefully one package at a time. The only distinction I can think of is that we have far fewer packages installed, and we don't use Unity as our DE.


I have used Ubuntu for some years and I like it because is really user friendly. However, I have a (not so) old computer (AMD Sempron, 2GB RAM and GeForce 4) and as there is no Nvidia drivers support I had to use Nouveau or vesa driver. The problem was that Ubuntu with nouveau drivers gives me a lot of problems (icons disappearing, suddenly crashes and system block).

Thus, I try to use it using nouveau without acceleration or vesa driver. However, Ubuntu was too heavy for my computer. I found your distro and I dediced to try it. As in Ubuntu, I had to use nouveau drivers in my computer. However, in this case when I start using nouveau drivers with acceleration, I had no issues. Everything works perfectly. No icon vanish, no crashes nor blocks.

So, I would like to thank your team and I also would like to know if you have applied any change (respect to Ubuntu) to nouveau driver, to Xorg or to Xfce so that it is more stable than in Ubuntu, or where/how could I check it.

Thanks !!!  ;D


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