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linux lite 5 install on hp 640 and disply size un-normal


Dear ALL
I install linux lite on Hp 640 laptop and have some issue with display and view :
example when i open office it see too big and i cant see and apply  icon on bellow
 when i open virtualbox it alert me about 24 bit color use in system .
i attach picture of my setting too .
thank you guys for help me to solve this  .

Please don't attach pictures as a zip file, no one will look at it. https://www.linuxliteos.com/forums/introductions/forum-posting-guidelines/

Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: atpersian on August 06, 2020, 02:08:41 PM ---Dear ALL
[...] have some issue with display and view [...]  when i open virtualbox it alert me about 24 bit color use in system. [...]
--- End quote ---


The pictures you attached show that you are running WINDOWS and Windows programs in VBox. I wish I understood why you need Linux if you run Windows.
(1) This is a Linux forum and
(2) The problem is: your knowledge about Windows is way below the minimum requirements.
(3) Get the Oracle VirtualBox Manual and study thoroughly what "GUEST" and "HOST" means. Look closely what is written on the stripe that says about 24 / 32 bit. It'a about the GUEST OPERATING SYSTEM.
(4) Get the Windows Manual, study the Control Panel chapters and set up your screen resolution.
(5) Finally, install Windows. It is an operating system and it can run without Linux.

...And Linux, obviously, can run very well without Windows standing in its way.

Good luck! :)

Dear Şerban
thank u for quick reply .
as you know i have linux lite  4.8  and windows install in virtualbox  inside linux lite  4.8 and there is any problem  .
after reinstall new version on lite 5 and try to use virtualbox  it seen have problem with VGA driver or somthinge wrong in disply setting  .
i just capture picture from my litux setting and worning on virtualbox about 24bit color mode .
 :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\


I don't have Windows 7 anymore but if I remember correctly.
In Windows, right-click the mouse in the middle of the desktop (not on an icon).
Choose Display Properties (or similar named).
There you will have the settings needed *IF* the installation supports 32bits display.

That's about as much as I can say... hope this helps.


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