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Linux Lite 6.2[rc1] 3d party Nvidia video driver install fail


Mike Iwantprivacy:
Problem - after installing LL 6.2[RC1] I am unable to install the proprietary Nvidia driver for my video card.

Process - clean install of LL6.2 [RC1]
       - go to "Settings" - "Install Drivers"  scan for 3d party hardware / drivers.

Result   - no 3rd party drivers found.

Expected result - Detect the video card  [Nvidia 8600m] and give option to choose between Nouveau driver, or Proprietary Nvidia driver [version 340.108]

This worked in Linux lite 5.8.

Impact - poor video performance in multiple apps.

--Note I tossed this in as a bug report because It is NOT a hardware issue. Nor is it an issue with the Video card. Its an issue with the "Install Drivers" software of linux lite. 6.2/


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