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Intel GMA 915, really old hardware!


Don't know why I didn't even think to try a live boot... too much Mac/Win lately I guess. ;)

Nooo, not looking for 3.x support. I wouldn't install WinVista on there so wuz juzt askingz.

But still a website with listings of supported hardware by kernel version would be nice :D

DOS 16bits for the winz!


@Jerry 323232 more threads like this for 32bit and maybe a LL 5.32 special 32 bit edition.. ??

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Surely not another thread looking for 3.x support?

If it did..... why would you? LL3.x is no longer supported nor is its base. If you were wanting to do so for the sake doing/learning maybe... But drivers in general are lacking even winders.... per https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/120316-win10-drivers-intel-915gm.html    gave a look for kicks....

If able a video card swap -- but then limited by everything else... and 0 patches (my plugged)...

If you were wanting to know out of curiosity... Perhaps a LiveUSB could tell you if 3.x or 2.x would give you any results, but even if so - there isn't any support....

Hate to the bearer of bad news....

Pretty sure this hardware is 32 bits only since every info points to this and the computer is limited to 2GB  :58: They asked me to try and with some work, i was able to install Windows 10 32bits but only version 1507 (i.e. the 1st Windows 10).But... video and infrared cannot be configured since no drivers were ever made. (WinXP / Vista 32bits only).
Linux Lite 3.8 would be the last 32bits version to install, but even then, would the Intel GMA 915 work with a real driver or just the default?
I briefly looked but maybe there is a website listing hardware by last supported kernel?


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