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You can set the resolution of each screen from ARandR - the 'outputs' menu item and then alternatives will branch out next to each monitor on the list that drops down.


I guess I kind of have a similar problem with an extended desktop and was wondering how to configure/change the screen res.  Mine is on 1024x576 but I would much rather prefer to have what I set my XP to, 1024x768.

I'm using ARandR to use an extended double monitor desktop with LL. Works very simply, but you do have to put the script it creates into the Session and Startup list for it to be remembered/restarted across sessions.

Firstly, there is currently no means to do this natively with xfce desktop, it will be introduced in later versions. But you can install a simple tool called arandr.

sudo apt-get install arandr

It will then be located in your Menu, Menu > Settings >ARandR

You will then open arandr, navigate to Outputs > Display name > Activate. You can then use the gui to chose the placement of the display and hit the apply button (or ctrl+enter). If you run into any issues feel free to post again.

How do i access those settings? And can i test it in live mode or do i have to install the OS first?


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