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Hi. I was wondering if Linux Lite supports extended desktop for a double monitor situation. I don't want it mirrored but an extension. Thanks

What type of video card are you using? If you happen to be using nvidia or amd/ati card there are tools provided.

For an example, nvidia settings tool looks like so:

I believe its an integrated ati but I'll have to check. Its the stock vid card on a Dell e1505.

How do i access those settings? And can i test it in live mode or do i have to install the OS first?

Firstly, there is currently no means to do this natively with xfce desktop, it will be introduced in later versions. But you can install a simple tool called arandr.

sudo apt-get install arandr

It will then be located in your Menu, Menu > Settings >ARandR

You will then open arandr, navigate to Outputs > Display name > Activate. You can then use the gui to chose the placement of the display and hit the apply button (or ctrl+enter). If you run into any issues feel free to post again.


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