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Blank screen issue

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Hi, Many thanks for replies and suggestions. I have spent the past few days trying to resolve this problem without any real success & have decided to give it up as a bad job for the time being and re-install Ubuntu which, to be fair, has always given me good service but after successfully installing Linux lite on my Aspire Netbook  I thought I would see how it performed on the Laptop - miserably as it turned out.  I've been working with Linux for a number of years and don't like to be beaten so I will keep LL2.2  as second choice on the Laptop and  as and when I feel like wasting an hour or two I will eventually get to the root of the blank screen problem. Watch this space.

Once again, thanks for suggestions.


Here is something with an apparent fix for your specific model.
It starts off about screen resolution, but ends up with "Black Display"
I warn you, you may need a "torch" initially to shine on the black display..!!!

If you get the display working with the:

--- Code: ---sudo setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=00
--- End code ---
Then it explains how to add it to a startup file rc.local

--- Code: ---gksu leafpad /etc/rc.local
--- End code ---
and then add it just before the exit 0


Howdy. Since really no reference link on what page you tried. I have to ask if you tried using the instructions at


Hi Terry,

O.K, I thought it may have some how just booted to minimum brightness,
which is what happened in the case of my daughters Sony Netbook.
In your case obviously not...
I'm sure somebody will come along with some other options to try.

Sorry, I cant help further.


Hi Dave,  Thanks for suggestion but 6 or 7 presses nor 60 or 70 presses of the up brightness or any other key or key combination produced any results.
Please keep coming with suggestions, I'll get this resolved even if it kills me.

Thank you



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