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After first installation updates jammed on reboot

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You can copy letters from a picture? DId you type it letter by letter or is there a scanning feature on iPhone that I didnít know? I mean, surely itís the former but if the latter exists Iíd be thrilled.

Thank you i will try that tonight. No on my i phone i took a picture and copied the letters from that pic and pasted it to the forum

Thanks for helping me out bud very appreciated

Envoyť de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk

To try out Linux Lite version 5.x go to

--- Code: ---https://www.linuxliteos.com/download.php
--- End code ---

Scroll down to the 'Previous Versions' section and chose the option to download 5.8.

Follow all the instructions to verify the download, copy to USB and install etc - very similar to what I assume you did to download and install 6.2.

After installing 5.8 from USB, run the updates to get all the 5.8 fixes.

If the system boots after updating, run the command

--- Code: ---inxi -G
--- End code ---
to confirm what hardware you have.  Then post back.

Did you have to type in the errors messages in your original post by hand ?

I installed linux lite completely. Then installed all the updates. The system was working on my 2 monitors. Then system asked me to reboot cause of updates and on reboot i got those messages on black screen right after bios boot without reopening linux lite

How to i try the other one ?

Topic moved to Video Cards based on the mention of nouveau.

It looks like you may have a problem with the current software version's support for old hardware - I think the Nvidia drivers for Geforce 210 are not updated for current kernel versions.

Can you provide a bit more information ?

For example, did the system work ok between installation and first updates ?
Would you be prepared to try LL version 5.x on your system ?


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