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5.4 to 5.8 auto upgrade breaks nvidia


sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall - that's the safest way to install any nVidia driver.

Decided to set up LinuxLite on a BOINC machine yesterday. Had 5.4 disk so installed that. When installing I checked the box to install 3rd party drivers, etc. I applied my updates, and did everything else. Life was good. Checked from command line and Nvidia drivers installed.

The last button wanted me to upgrade to 5.8. Okay fine. After rebooting screen is locked at 640x480. The GUI for drivers has the "manually installed" radio button forced on and will allow no changes.
Had to fight my way to getting a terminal open.

--- Code: ---lsmod | grep -i nvidia
--- End code ---
shows Nvidia driver still running but resolution is wrong and there are no nvidia applications installed to fix resolution. The Display GUI tool is also locked at 640x480 showing no other options.

--- Code: ---sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
--- End code ---
After reboot seems to have fixed it.
If the upgrade had removed whatever forces that "manual" radio button to be checked I could have fixed this from the GUI. None of your stuff is 640x480 friendly though.


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