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[SOLVED] Video Card before or after install??

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In the long term I prefer to be called by my name, Valtam didn't create LL, Jerry did :)

Thanks for info -- dedicated server will hopefully help.  Strange -- those types of things seem to come and go in spurts.  Some weeks all basically problem free.  Others, get server errors and delays logging in or out.  Overall it's not horrible -- just frustrating when you end up losing a post you've written and have to do it over again.

Off on a tangent -- just noticed you changed your username on forum.  What happened to Valtam?

@gold_finger re. forums - when the dust settles on 2.2 I'm looking at moving the forums from a shared host to a dedicated server, that way I'll have command line control over performance etc.

I tried responding to your post twice during the day today (once just minutes ago) and the forum server kept erroring out on me.  (Very frustrating.)   Glad you got it working.

Nevermind ... last piece of hardware came in today (early) and I decided to plug the card in and then install.  I booted in safe mode for the install, shut-down.  It came up OK on the noveau drivers, so I went ahead and installed the 340.58 drivers and all seems great so far.



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