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[SOLVED] Nvidia Geforce 8400GS Rev.3 - Driver

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Hello Valtam,
here is the Install Drivers screenshot.

Can you open Install Drivers and post a screenshot please, make sure the window is wide enough that we can see all the information.

I installed this PCI graphics card Geforce 8400GS Rev.3 recently as it is 512MB, the previous one was 64MB (Nvidia Geforce MX400).
I also made an error in update choice that altered the splash, Valtam pointed me in the direction of the solution :-) I followed that thread and had help from members, this resolved that.
There still appeared errors relating to "X.Org Desktop is missing", around a window the edge to left and right, including such as the text box I am entering this in, had wiggly moving lines.
I followed the help manual and changed the driver to "X.Org Nouveau", the wiggly lines on window panes have now stopped.
Playing video would then crash the OS and send error reports X4 or sometimes X5 to Ubuntu on reboot.
I looked through this forum and found this thread - https://www.linuxliteos.com/forums/index.php?topic=84.0
Valtam wrote - "I take it you have already tried to load a driver? If so you'll need to remove it.
Press: Ctrl+Alt+F1 this will drop you to a tty screen, if you need to, login. Then type in: sudo service lightdm stop
Now do: sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-* then sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf
Then do: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current then sudo reboot"

Although the problem I have may be different, I realized I also needed to remove the Nvidia driver and application correctly, the driver I had installed was the tested Nvidia Driver, I also tried the legacy driver.
I followed Valtams instructions above this far -
"Press: Ctrl+Alt+F1 this will drop you to a tty screen, if you need to, login.
Then type in: sudo service lightdm stop
Now do: sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-*"
(I missed out the following steps as I was unsure if they were for my instance).
I then followed the instructions "sudo reboot"
This has solved the problem of the crash when trying to playback video and it has also solved the problem of error reports asking to be sent to Ubuntu, in addition to the cause by its removing the Nvidia driver and application.
Although video playback doesn't crash it is blocky with artefacts and stops/starts.

The problem I need help with is twofold, and may well be related, I am asking for help ontopic for this forum #1 below -
1/ I need help/advice with a driver that will allow video playback with this graphics card.
For reference in case this helps
2/ A black screen appears on shutdown this states -
"Stopping ClamAV
Starting lightdm [OK]
Plymouth is up [OK]"
#2 does not seem to be problematic at this time, I mention as it is not a usual shutdown screen and didn't appear until I made errors. I do not know yet if solving the driver problem will solve this too, similar to removing Nvidia and changing driver solved the Ubuntu splash.

Sorry it is long winded, I am trying to give as much information as I have, and state what I have done/tried so far, to hopefully save time of members who may be able to help.


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