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[SOLVED] No video at all

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I ll wish you luck mate .

Yes I am sorta hoping it is so I can install Beryl onto a newer system and see just how fast it can be... Wish me luck (or bad luck;))

Happy to help, if the motherboard ends up being a paperweight at least you can look forward to building/buying a replacement at some point. 8)

I'll try that. Thats my last ditch effort, if that don't work its hitting that garbage... Oh well... Thanks for the info...


--- Quote ---I took memory out and unplugged hard drive and nothing. Do I need to take the CPU out as well?
--- End quote ---

I'm pretty sure a motherboard should be able to boot (to an error) with cpu only, no video card or memory. The error should be beeping, just not sure if the sound is generated from the motherboard or it needs one of those cheap speakers with a wire plug to the motherboard.

--- Quote ---So I am thinking that the AGP slot is done... I just wondre if the PCI slot will work..
--- End quote ---

I agree, after three different video cards, that the AGP slot is probably broken. As for the PCI route, sure give it a try if you have one.

A long shot idea. Most motherboards can be reset with a pin/jumper configuration. Take a look at the manual (download if necessary) and see if you can reset the board. Doubt it will work but strange things do occasionally work.


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