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I tried to boot again and this time I chose Advanced mode and went back to the last version which I believe was 5.4.91.  The version listed above this was 5.4.92 which I think might be the new version giving me issues.  In the options, there was a recovery mode listed for both versions.  Should I try the recovery mode for 5.4.92 and what do I do there or should I do something else?  I am able to boot normally into version 4.5.91.


I have LL on an external HDD.  When I now try to boot I get the GRUB menu and let it default to Ubuntu.  Instead of going to the LL login screen, the system hangs up.  Part of the error message say something about a controller and that the USB device was not recognized.  I got major updates yesterday that looked like Ubuntu version updates.  Not sure where to proceed from here.  I might have a timeshift backup, but not a very recent one and if I cannot boot into LL, is kind of tough to run Timeshift.  I will check to see if I have a backup on other media.


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