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Thanks stevef, that is exactly what I was thinking now that I have a working kernel back.

That's good news.

There is a facility for apt to hold back updates which can be applied to kernel - any package in the hold list does not get updates so is effectively frozen.

But as you can keep multiple kernels on your system and use GRUB to selectively boot them I'd go with letting any new kernel downloads but using GRUB to keep booting 5.4.0-91 for the time being as you seem to have had problems with both 5.4.0-92 and 5.4.0-94

When a new kernel comes you can try it once and if it doesn't work switch back to the working kernel using GRUB.

It appears that I successfully restored 5.4.0-91.  I see that there are a bunch of updates.  Included in the list is the kernel 5.4.0-94.  Is there some way I can selectively choose the updates  or do I have to take them all?  thanks

Well, I guess I sometimes get confused by the updates.  I believe I mentioned that when I installed 5.4.0-94 and it seemed to be working, I used kernel remover and removed 5.4.0-92.  I did not remove 5.4.0-91 and it is still listed in the kernels to remove.  However all that is listed is 5.4.0-91 generic and the other 2 items associated with kernels is not there.  I only removed the items matching 5.4.0-92.  Tried several times to make a new live USB without success.  Fortunately my 5th time trying to boot 5.4.0-94 was successful so I can hopefully run Timeshist.

The dates of recent kernel changes on my system have been
5.4.0-91 Nov 30th 2021
5.4.0-92 Jan 5th 2022
5.4.0-94 Jan 11th 2022

I do not understand how the option to boot 5.4.0-91 which you had available on Jan 5th has disappeared.
Did you run any apt remove commands or the Lite Tweaks Kernel Remover at all in the meantime ?

Provided your timeshift image was made on a good working system your plan sounds ok.  That would be while you were reverted to 5.4.0-91 using GRUB, though your first post of Jan 16 talks about making a back up of 5.4.0-92 (which is partly why I am confused).  Obviously you will need to keep the timeshift archive safe through any changes you make while reverting to the older source.

If it works reliably, GRUB can be set to always boots the working kernel.  But that is not a great idea so you will need to know what the error actually is so that you can search for the issue and check for bug reports/fixes in subsequent kernels.

I am struggling to come up with a kernel issue scenario in which it can work intermittently so make sure the system boots reliably on whatever solution you come to.


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