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Update error - release not yet valid

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OK.  Dual booting Windows and Linux can cause problems.

If you can access the BIOS on your machine, next time you boot up, go to BIOS settings and note what time the hardware clock is set to.  Then let the machine boot up - but don't manually change the time.

Open a terminal (by pressing Ctrl Alt and T together) and run the command.

--- Code: ---timedatectl
--- End code ---

Post back with the actual time at your location, the BIOS time setting and the output of the command.

Edit - continued and fixed

Muhammad Umar Farooq:
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for replying and asking weather I am using dual-boot window 7. NO, I had bought second hand Lenovo Core i3 and I put my Hard Drive in it, which was taken out from my previous Laptop which has out of order. I have to change time in hours manually when i have to system updates alerts. But auto timer is not working accordingly. I will be more appreciate if some one can guide me or resolve the matter. 
Thanks in anticipation,
Muhammad Umar Farooq

Do you dual-boot with Windows ?

Muhammad Umar Farooq:
Dear Sir/Madam,

First thanks to guide me for solving my update error and I have updated my system by adjusting time discrepancy in my system manually.

But, i am unable to see the adjusted time in my computer menu bar and it displays as previously disc repented hour but minutes are ok. My time zone is Asia Karachi but not working accordingly. please guide me if i can resolve this error in my system or someone can resolve this.

I will be very thankful  if it may be resolved.

Muhammad Umar Farooq

It is about a discrepancy between the time on your system and the timestamp in the release file.
Your system will reject any releases that appear to have a timestamp in the future compared with the local RTC.

Check your system real time clock time and zone settings.  Correct them if necessary then retry.
If it is still a problem, you could try a different mirror or just wait a few hours.


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